Loot – 2009
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What’s in My Bag
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All the stuff I carry around with me on a daily basis. Although I have a car now, I spent several years without one, so I got in the habit of carrying around everything I might need in my bag. I keep it that way now, so I can just grab one thing and be reasonably sure I’m prepared for anything. I can go from fixing someone’s computer to doing my own coding to killing some time waiting for something to going hiking in the middle of nowhere without having to grab more stuff from anywhere.

Too smart for my own good
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I don’t…there’s not a real nice way to put this, but I’m a really smart person. Particularly in imaging systems and how they can talk to each other, or what’s possible with something…that’s my specialty I guess. So when I say I’m smart, I mean in that area. History or geography? Well I once tried to tell someone that the Appalachians were west of the Mississippi (wait…are they??), so you know.
So tonight I was clickin’ away on my laptop, passing time while I waited for institute to start, and meanwhile I got to listen to a whole business meeting between these chaps. Now here’s the first problem and my first bit of advice: If you’re conducting a business meeting for something under development…if you want to keep your idea under wraps, don’t hold your meeting in a practically abandoned cafe on campus! Now I’m not crazy Steve Jobs level secretive, but I have some ideas and I try to keep my cards…well not toooo close to my chest, but I don’t just hold them out for public view either!

Setting that aside, these gents were discussing plans to develop an app for iOS. A game. A location based game. And therein lies the problem.

The whole premise of the game relies on location, and not check-in location like 4Square, but constant location data.

This is only marginally supported on iPhone.

And it’s a big battery drain.

In the form it was being discussed, I have a really hard time imagining their app being successful, but we’ll see.

So do I jump in and tell them they need to rethink this whole concept? Naaah, that wouldn’t be nice. That would just be me being too smart for my own good.

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