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Alienware M11x power cable and battery problem


UPDATE: I got the replacement in under 24hrs and then called for a battery. The battery will arrive with a tech shortly. Original description: My battery suddenly showed drastically decreased battery life the same day I found out that my power adapter was bad (less than an hour on power save mode which is 1/5th the typical length). I replaced the “Mickey Mouse” cable and tried the cord in various outlets and the light would not even come on. A few days later, I noticed that the light was on so I quickly unpacked my notebook and connected it to it. In Windows 7, it indicated 100% charge but the indicator showed a red X and displayed a message about considering battery replacement (it could tell that my battery was failing). The external indicator on the battery itself also indicated that it was full (all LED lights lit). When unplugged, the red X would flash. When I tried to start the recording over due to an audio issue, the plug stopped working again so I called Dell. Dell is sending a replacement power adapter but they will probably owe me a new battery too. When I tried to make a follow-up video describing how it went off and would not come back on again, I witnessed it coming back on! I took the opportunity to demonstrate it blinking when unplugged. When I called Dell I had to boot on battery power for a few second to snap a pic of the service tag in the BIOS/CMOS setup because Dell replaced my lower chassis/housing and took my COA + S/N and service tag labels! Even

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Alienware M11x R2 Review


This review is about the general user experience after owning the laptop for a couple months. There a lot of ups and a few down to this laptop and I hope this video can make your decision to buy one easier. Here’s a the lowdown: Check out their website for more info and ordering information: Good: -Gaming is Great -Battery is good (4-5 w/ no dedicated gpu; 2-2.5 with gpu) -Finish feels great -Looks awesome -Comes with nice sleeve -Backlit keys -Powershare USB (see video for what it’s all about) -Integrated gpu is powerful enough for hd videos and light gaming -Hinge is solid -Power cord is long -Cooling is better than expected -Overclocking options are great -Optimus (I’m sure you already know what this is) Meh: -Power adapter is weird (see video) -Microfiber cloth fixes all fingerprints -Spots on lid (see video) -Not light, but not super heavy -Price is on the high side, but the laptop is worth every penny (make sure you get as many discounts as you can, I ended up getting about 0 off with student discounts and dell codes (eg 0 off 9 or more)) Bad: -You have to jump through hoops for the latest optimus drivers. -Glare can be very heavy at times.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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Alienware M11x Laptop Review HD


Alienware M11x – Redefining the Gaming Capabilities of Sub-15″ Laptops The most powerful 11″ gaming laptop in the universe Featured Options: 1GB NVIDIA® GeForce® GT 335M™ Graphics Card Capable of 3DMark06 Scores over 6100 Up to 8.5 hours of battery life and weighs in at less than 4.5lbs Dimensions: (W)11.2″ (D)9.2″ (H)1.3″ STARTING PRICE : 9 To Learn More go to:

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