Click here to go to the product page. Compatible with these battery part numbers: A1045 A1078 M9325 M9325G M9325G-A M9676-A M9676B-A M9676CH-A M9676F-A M9676HK-A M9676J-A M9676KH-A M9676LL-A M9676TA-A M9676X-A M9676Z-A M9677-A M9677B-A M9677CH-A M9677F-A M9677HK-A M9677J-A M9677KH-A M9677LL-A M9677TA-A M9677X-A M9677Z-A Fits these laptop model numbers: Apple PowerBook G4 15 inch Aluminum series, Apple 661-2927, Apple A1045, Apple A1078, Apple A1148, Apple E68043, Apple M9325, Apple M9325G-A, Apple M9325J-A, Apple M9756, Apple M9756G-A, Apple M9756J-A.
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