Mangalore ? Gateway to Karnataka


Mangalore – Gateway to Karnataka
Mangalore is a port city of Karnataka and also India. Mangalore is also an important tourist destination of India, with scores of tourists from all parts of India and also rest of the world thronging to the region to enjoy a calming and relaxing vacation amidst the serene environments of the region. This bustling port city offers the perfect blend of urbanization and also old world charm, thus ensuring an exciting vacation. 
 Mangalore is named after the Goddess Mangaladevi, traditionally Mangalore was a trading port with ties with the Persian Gulf and due to its strategic location it has been occupied by several dynasties and colonial powers the remnants of which can still be witnessed among the various buildings that are built in various architectures clearly indicating the era it was built, like the Victorian architecture of the British rule and more. 
Mangalore is now one of the fastest developing cities of India with numerous MNC’s and other companies coming up in the region and as a result attracting young people from all over the country, which gives the entire region a very lively as well cosmopolitan nature, thus transforming into an happening tourist destination of India. Many pubs, restaurants, lounges and more have popped around the city and as such there is no dearth of entertainment activities in the region.
Owing to the burgeoning tourism industry as well as the commercial side, Mangalore is regularly visited by thousands of people from all over as such there are numerous great hotels in Mangalore offering suitable lodging facilities to all its guests catering to the needs of all travelers business or leisure.
Mangalore is also home to several attractions like the beaches – Someshwar Beach, Panumbur Beach, Suratkal Beach, Tannirbavi Beach, Kapu Beach and Malpe Beach, Milgres Church, Sharavu Mahaganapathi Temple, Tagore Park, Chandragiri Fort, St. Aloysius Chapel, Bejai Museum, Sulthan Battery, Ullal Darga, Pilikula Nisargadhama and much more.
Mangalore being a major city of India is well connected to other parts of India by means plane, train and by the state and privately operated buses. Mangalore has its own airport at Bajpe and has regular flights to and from Delhi, Mumbai, Kochi, Calicut, Bangalore and many other destinations. Mangalore is also home to three railway stations that is well served by the vast network of the Indian railways, connecting the region to various regions in South Indian and North India. Other than that the Karnataka state buses along with other neighboring state buses regularly ply in the region transporting tourists to and from the region.


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