You can get Apple MacBook Air MD231LL/A with the best price over here: User reviews: – i got this as the ultimate gift for christmas from my loving mother. boy was i surprised! battery life is fantastic, user access is like a walk through the park… on those funny looking 2-wheeled scooters that mall cops use (segways) its ridiculously easy to use. the only problem is that its too good looking. whenever i try to watch a movie i find myself staring at the sleek lines and simplistic aluminum unibody instead of actually watching the show! another great thing about this laptop is that it does not heat up! its fantastic. i watched 5 episodes of prison break back to back and its cool as a cucumber. get yourself one of these and it will change your life forever. beware though these things should come with a warning, once you use a mac you can’t go back. its that amazing – The computer is itself is like everything apple designs. Beautiful and elegant. My MacBook Pro took multiple falls from 4 feet onto concrete. One time with the screen open, kitting the screen and bottom at the same time. Multiple battle scars a bad battery and 4 years later it still sold for 550$ on eBay! Beat that pcs. You just can’t loose with apple For more reviews and item description click HERE: This video is not mine. I get it from Apple MacBook.

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