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Laptop Batteries

Image by mjernisse
4 out of the 5 laptops I have ever owned.

Top left to bottom right in age:

* hermes – Dell Latitude c600 – Last Dell I will ever own.
* istari – IBM ThinkPad R40 – This sold me on the ThinkPad line, it is a great laptop and I still use it from now and then for testing.
* khadgar – Lenovo 3000 N100 – Owned this for 6+ years, first laptop I bought new. I have been playing StarCraft II on it lately. Has been to Scotland, England and Australia with me. Crap battery life but was light and had a fantastic screen.
* ishikawa – Lenovo ThinkPad T500 – Ubuntu Linux 10.04 (amd64). I love this thing, great value for money and lovely battery life. Has been all over with me in the short year I have owned it.

Funny, but True
Laptop Batteries

Image by Observe The Banana
I got a laugh out of this message on the side of the box of my new laptop battery.

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