Mexico Kit (33)
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What do you bring to the desert of Baja, Mexico? What do you bring to the beach? I think I need more socks and my memory card reader. Otherwise, I think I am good to go… if the planes are flying and if I can get it all into a manageable bag. Lots of notes, for those who are interested.

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With me to work
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Incase Hardshell Case
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Image by hawaii
The Incase Hardshell Case for 15" MacBook Pro. I chose the Incase over Speck because I liked the rubberized, matte surface, and the build quality seemed sturdier (but that’s purely conjecture). It snapped on easily, and a nice touch was the battery power meter button passthrough. The "clips" that secure the Incase to the laptop are more subtle than on the Speck, but I’m not a fan of how Incase embosses its own logo on the lid (whereas the Speck advertises only on the bottom piece).

My main complaint about the Incase was the right rear lower corner would catch on the MBP screen edge when I opened it up, making a teeth-gnashing snapping sound. I ended up filing down the edge a tiny bit, and now it opens without catching or rubbing. For something that costs so much and brags about how finely its engineered, though, this seems like a big flaw.

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