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ECN’s Engineering Update #3: Watson, Nano Batteries, 3D Chips And Mission: Impossible Gets Real


“Watson,” no, not Sherlock’s sidekick, but the famous supercomputer who beat the world’s best human at Jeopardy, is going back to school. IBM is sending th…

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John A. Way and his mission around the world!

2 John A. Way, a young and ambitious business mannequin, went on a special mission around the world: Munich, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Paris, Copenhagen, Dubai and New Delhi. He challenged people at airports at a game of chess. They had the chance to win a brand new LIFEBOOK UH572 Ultrabook™. Perform with Style – with a Fujitsu Ultrabook™. Find out more about John A. Way and his trip: Ultrabook™. Inspired by Intel.

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OLPC Mission, Part 1: Principles and Child Empowerment


One Laptop per Child: It’s an education project, not a laptop project. Inexpensive, durable, networked laptops are important to better education everywhere in the world, empowering children and communities, and sharing access to modern skills with every child on the planet.
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