Notebook Batteries

Image by wiccked
I just found a green crayon in my bag, so I was rummaging around to see what else I might have been given, and realised my bag was full of biscuit crumbs, so I had to clean it out. I’ve been going to take some of those what’s in your bag shots for ages, so I thought this was as good a time as any!
Oh.. the crayon and the biscuit would be from Kristian. He’s often leaving people little gifts in bags and shoes ;)

Wii bag…
Notebook Batteries

Image by Timothy Greig
PowerWave make some great accessories (when they work properly).

This is a Wii carrying bag, designed to hold the Nintendo Wii and it’s accessories.

On our holiday to Auckland, we used it to carry the mac mini (with cables) instead, the Sony Camera, and the DS, and the PSP, related games, some notebooks, and spare batteries. While in Auckland we left the mini at home, and used the bag to carry our things for the day.

It’s a great carry-on / day bag.

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