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Image by myyorgda
it’s a device which purpose is to cancel earth’s rotation in order to have stars appear still while taking long pause astro-photography.

it mainly consist in a hinge parallel with our planete’s pole axis, and a manually driven screw that one would turn slowly.

mine looks complicated because of numerous design tries that I haven’t removed, it even got worse since those three month old shots.

the main original part is the use of a DVcam, pointing to some bright star, displayed on the computer, in order to guide the overall movement. still the guiding is manual (yet).

the laptop computer also triggers the long pause captures, eventually stacking them in real-time thus providing previews of the final shots.

Ready to webcast and podcast NECC 2009
Laptop Battery

Image by Wesley Fryer
My webcasting and podcasting equipment for NECC 2009, minus my Macbook Pro laptop. (Mouseover the image for item descriptions.)

See my post "Ready to webcast and podcast NECC 2009 and discuss K12Online09 at EduBloggerCon" for more background on this.

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Laptop Battery

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