HyperSpace is an instant-on, secure computing environment that runs independently, alongside a primary operating system (OS) such as Windows Vista. HyperSpace allows users to immediately access the Web and many applications without waiting for the OS to boot. With HyperSpace, as soon as they turn on their PCs, theyll be able to surf the Web, check e-mail, watch YouTube videos and communicate with instant messaging. Users can use their notebooks much like they would their smartphones. HyperSpace automatically connects to the best available network with the Network Connection Manager. It will switch from wire to wireless to 3G (when available) automatically so users don’t have to configure their notebooks when they roam. HyperSpace also conserves notebook battery life. When users perform their Web-based tasks in HyperSpace, Windows can be shut down or put to sleep mode to conserve power. Users can access Windows by either toggling over in real time with the press of a single key, or they have the option to choose which environment theyd like to work in HyperSpace or Windows when they boot. www.HyperSpace.com
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