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First Look Reviews: Toshiba NB200 Netbook


Megawhat were at the launch of the new Toshiba NB200, or the UX as it’s known in Japan. An update to their Netbook line up with a full size keyboard, long battery life, Intel Atom processor and a very up market finish Toshiba have kicked it up a notch.

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Toshiba NB200 – Review


I’ve had it for 3 months by now. Since then, I rarely go out without it… Battery Life: 3cell (Win7, Chrome9) WiFi & Aero ON 2:22 WiFi & Aero OFF 2:43 6 cell (Win7, Chrome9) WiFi & Aero ON 5:28 WiFi & Aero OFF 6:16 3cell (Win7, IE9) WiFi & Aero ON 2:51 WiFi & Aero OFF -soon- 6 cell (Win7, IE9) WiFi & Aero ON 6:25 WiFi & Aero OFF -soon- Battery life on Win7 20% less than WinXP New netbook owners, checkout exclusive link: Feel free to ask any question in comments :)

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