Toshiba Unboxed: Toshiba Mini NB500 Series Netbook

Visit to get more information on our Toshiba NB500 netbook series. Enjoy a better Internet experience on the run, thanks to the stylish, award-winning Toshiba mini NB500 netbook—a value-rich companion PC offering a smart, comfort-driven design and exclusive conveniences for light, on-the-go computing. It turns heads with stylish design in a spectrum of fashionable colors—brown, blue, lime green, orange and turquoise. And thanks to excellent high-speed connectivity, the talented Intel® Atom™ processor,11 plus up to eight-hour battery life rating,6 this budget-friendly, best-in-class PC puts you in touch with your favorite people, sites, networks and media most everywhere you go—without compromising your freedom of expression. Toshiba Mini NB500 Netbook models include: NB505-N500BL (NB505N500BL) NB505-N508BL (NB505N508BL) NB505-N508TQ (NB505N508TQ) NB505-N508BN (NB505N508BN) NB505-N508GN (NB505N508GN) See more Toshiba Unboxed videos in the Laptop Research Center at:

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