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How to Open a Dell Latitude D600 Laptop Computer to Repair the DC Jack

19 Alain Hernandez with Computer Aces will show you How to Open a Dell Latitude D600 Laptop Computer to Repair the DC Jack. Checkout the…
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Day 1 – The Open Road


Day 1 – The Open Road
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Image by Wetsun

I crack a window, a feel the cool air cleanse my every pore
As I pour my poor heart out

Eve 6 "Open Road Song"
Song of the day

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Apple Newton Tablet prototype battery compartment door open


Apple Newton Tablet prototype battery compartment door open
Computer Batteries

Image by jimabeles
This came from someone who managed the mobile computing development group at Coke (as in Coca Cola) who reported that they did a lot of work with Apple. He said it was not built specifically for Coke and there were never any firm plans with it.

"Apple was more or less searching for a reason to build the tablet and never did find a market. I have no idea how many exist. I only know of one other and it is in a computer museum in California."

Based on the partial sticker on this as well as the sticker on the prototype stylus, it appears to be serial number 36.

Unfortunately, it came without a power supply and I’ve never been able to power it up (it’s a weird port size and shape – unlike other Newtons).

The following comes from Studio Taktika ( ):

Newton handheld, based on a letter-size footprint, featuring 2 pcmcia cards, retractable I/O door, removable battery pack, push-push stylus, IR, microphone and speaker.

From :

Ok. The team started from scratch again and designed a new device still following the old ideas. It was codenamed "Bic". Meanwhile the market developed a new and better touchsensitive screen which weren’t that precise and bright but much, much cheaper. They also thought that a second PCMCIA slot would be a good idea, because one was supposed to be used by a modem…. and where should the RAM card go?

Viobot’s Brains
Computer Batteries

Image by GregRob
So here are the Viobot’s brains, a Raspberry PI GNU/Linux computer. Running from battery with a wireless (configuration pending) connection.

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Open MacBook


Open MacBook
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Image by super-structure
Upgrading the memory in Angela’s MacBook.

Poqet PC, with Keys for Size Comparison
Computer Battery

Image by Arthaey
This little guy can still be bought new for 9, but I picked up mine at the electronic flea market for . I wasn’t sure at the time that it would work, but it does, in all its DOS 3 glory.

It seems fitting that this DOS machine should be photographed next to an MSN butterfly plush.

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open, driving a 2nd display via Picasso gfx board


open, driving a 2nd display via Picasso gfx board
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Image by blakespot

New baby
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Image by Micah Sittig
Photos from the hospital courtesy of this thing and in-room ethernet. RMB 2200 at Bainaohui. Will be upgrading RAM, adding a spare battery, etc, after we get home, on Taobao.

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How To Open Toshiba Satellite Laptop (To Clean It or Upgrade It)


My Model (in this video) Is Toshiba Satellite A300D-126

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Open MacBook Pro With the Dead Disk


Open MacBook Pro With the Dead Disk
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Image by Morten Liebach
The cable on top of the disk was glued on quite well, I spent 10 minutes getting it off without damaging it. That was the hardest part of the whole operation. The rest of it was straightforward.

Laptop Batteries

Image by Jemimus
Thinkpad x201i with Thinkpad branded sleevecase and extended 9-cell battery (still fits in the Sleevecase)

A wonderful little compact powerhouse. (the X220 even comes with an i7 option!) With 9 cell battery can last you about 13 hours and still very light to carry.
I prefer the T5xx series myself, but could easily settle for these x2xx models.

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How to open a laptop – Part 1


See our entire index of laptop repair training videos at Bought to you by – Free HD Laptop repair training Course and real repairs videos.

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My new open office setup


My new open office setup
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Image by tychay
Blogged in The Woodwork: The open office

My new open office setup
North Beach, San Francisco, California

Leica M8, Cosina-Voigtländer NOKTON 35mm F1.2 Aspherical
Aperture (exposure, highlights/shadow, white balance)
1/16sec, iso 320, 35mm (47mm)


We get rid of our cubes.

These are so popular, I thought I’d show you my new station since we opened up the offices. My old temporary setup and the original setup. Mouseover this photo for creamy goodness.

Come visit us on Friday for free lunch

Blackberry, circa 1983
Notebook Battery

Image by andyi
Second purchase of the Flea. There’s a small list of things that I’m an absolute sucker for, provided that the price is right. for a Model 100? Yup, I’m in.

The Model 100 was the Volkswagen Beetle of notebook battery computer batterys. Every reporter had one back in the Eighties. It had a big, comfortable keyboard, a big display that was readable in any kind of light, and it ran forever on AA batteries. And like most reporters themselves, the Model 100 was built to take all kinds of abuse.

During a train ride to Penn State last week, I wrote and posted an article right from my iPhone. That’s the legacy of the Model 100: it’s a field computer battery for outbound writers.

What’s in my bag
Notebook Battery

Image by get down
What do I travel with? Well thanks for asking. Click through to the large size for a clearer image, but here’s a list of what’s in my now carefully refined, separately stored travel bag.

– All sorts of electronic gadgets:
– Laptop charger; the cable depends on where I’m travelling to
– Multi-converter with USB charger – very handy
– Kengsington backup USB battery – great if the iPhone or Blackberry is dying
– USB hub, as the laptop has only two connectors
– Mouse to counter my incipient RSI
– Ethernet cable for those hotels and offices without a good wireless connection
– Webcam for Skyping with home
– iPod cable and charger
– Sports watch for trips to the gym and telling the time in two time zones
– Torch, because you never know when you’ll need it
– USB cable
– Sports headphones as I have ears that can’t hold anything in
– Tripod, in case I want to capture that night shot or self-portrait (vain? no!)
– Lumix camera (not pictured – I’m using it!)
– Blackberry, regretably, but has its benefits
– iPhone (for music and movies rather than calls when abroad)

– Work documents
– Laptop. This is my work one. Whilst I love my Mac this is probably better as it’s much light, office-compatible and secure
– Index cards, which prove great for notetaking and creating that hipster PDA
– Marmite. Just in case
– Magazines. Flights are a great time to flick through these, and there’s satisfaction in discarding them afterwards to reduce weight
– Books, generally one reading and one to read. I live in fear of running out of reading material. I once took an 18 hour bus journey across Bolivia rather than wait days for a plane as I had nothing left to read
– Crossword book, for longer trips, to relax the mind (really)
– Etymotic in-ear headphones. Really good, comfortable earphones that remove almost all external noise. I sometimes travel with a Bose noise-cancelling set, but they’re bulky
– Goggles for those warm, Middle Eastern hotel pools
– A hotel key converted into an iPhone stand, simple and very useful
– Credit cards and cash. I’m running up to £3k a month in expenses, so would be lost without these
– A host of frequent flyer, immigration and health cards
– Just enough shirts, t-shirts, underwear and socks to see me through the trip
– Sports gear, generally washed in the sink and a little skanky towards the end of the trip
– Toiletries, honed to one bag
– Contact lenses
– Glasses and sunglasses
– Diary and notebook battery, Moleskine of course
– Passport
– External harddrive, since it pays to backup on the road and have some extra movies to watch
– Pencil case
– iPod on some longer trips, for extra entertainment choice
– A selection of currencies. I normally have around five or six in here at a time – UK£, US$ , UAE Dirham, Egyptian Pounds, Kuwait Dinar, Jordanian Dinar, sometimes Euros too
– Trainers, as keeping fit is a necessity when living in hotels, planes and offices
– An extra bag for dressing gowns, trips to the office etc.
– Bonus item on this trip – BA First class pyjamas and washbag, since regifted to friends

This is pretty much the standard packing list for three or four days away. Most of these things now live in a separate drawer so that I can pull them together quickly. It’s not the lightest load, but I’d say I use almost all of these, most of the time. Although at a push I could travel with credit card, passport, laptop and glasses.

What’s in your bag?

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Laptop open (battery removed) inside dehydrator. Being a health nut comes in handy once again.


Laptop open (battery removed) inside dehydrator. Being a health nut comes in handy once again.
Laptop Battery

Image by Kate O’

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