The whole package
Laptop Batteries

Image by thermionics
Power adapter, battery, laptop, and two sheets of glossy paper.

Whats in my camera bag 52/365
Laptop Batteries

Image by Louish Pixel
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**UPDATE** – 2011-MAY-13
Since this photo I posted a few months ago, I’ve already added a few more gems to my bag. I now have 4x Alienbees B800′s instead of 2 shown in the photo. I have a Canon 24-70mm 2.8L, Canon 85mm f/1.2, two more spider holsters (so 4 total now), and 2x new carbon fiber manfrotto tripods.

The best way to list everything in this photo would be to use notes. So make sure (on flickr) you run your mouse over the photo to see the notes tagged in the image.

You can download the original, un-resized version here, its 26MB, and 18045×13255 pixels:

Strobist Info: 300w with shoot through umbrella on left and right. each item shot separately on white floor then merged in photoshop.

My Favorite "Must Have" accessories from above:

1. Manfrotto 244RC Variable Friction Magic Arm
2. Manfrotto 122B & 003 Backlight stand (mini foldable lightstand)
3. Manfrotto Superclamps
4. Photoflex Telescopic Litedisc Holder (For Lights), at least 1, you don’t need 4. I bought 4 cause I loved it so much and I have only used maybe 2 at a time.
5. RadioPopper JrX
6. Tamrac 5788 Evolution 8 Backpack (This is the brown backpack in the upper left corner, I took this on a vacation and was able to fit 2 DSLRs, 9 lenses including the 70-200, 1 Macbook Air, 2 iPads, Batteries and chargers, GoPros, Memory card readers and cards, RadioPoppers, 2x Speedlites, and more. That backpack fits a BUNCH of stuff)
7. Spider Holsters, especially if you ever use 2 cameras at the same time, in that case, get 2.
8. Eneloop Batteries

This favorites list of course does not included lenses, lights or cameras. If I had to only choose a couple lenses, I would choose the 100mm f/2.8L IS USM Macro and the 16-35mm, (The 15mm Fisheye is great too). If I had to only keep a couple lights, I’d keep the speedlites cause they are portable. If I had to choose 1 camera, it would be the 5D Mark II.

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