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Work setup (packed)


Work setup (packed)
Computer Battery

Image by tychay
This is what it looks like when I’m gone-sorta.

The sorta part is normally my stuff and computer is in my bag and that bag is gone.

In the guts of the machine
Computer Battery

Image by MeganMorris
I skipped the step in the guide that said to disconnect the microphone and power cables from the logic board because there was a change of pulling the entire socket off the logicboard, thus rendering it dead (since I’m not practiced in the art of micro-soldering logicboards, I did not want to chance this). Instead, when I pulled the upper case away from the lower case, I just balanced the upper against the edge of the lower. I put the tape and later the battery behind it to hold it upright and close to the edge as to not pull on the cables coming from the microphone and power sockets.

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Whats’ in My Bag? Packed


Whats’ in My Bag? Packed
Notebook Battery

Image by brewbooks
Here is the packed photo – - this is what I brought (and acquired) on a 32 day trip to Australia. One challenge is that I had to pack for weather ranging form tropical (Daintree Rain forest and Great barrier Reef) to Urban (Sydney, Melbourne) to Alpine (Overland Track in Tasmania)

Items I Brought>

– 2 pairs of Superfeet shoe inserts
– ASICS Running shoes
– Asolo hiking boots (well broken in, worn on all airplane flights)
– Spare pair of inserts (I need these and I walk a lot)
– Medium weight OR Gloves
– A lot of warm clothes for Overland Track (will list further breakdown…)
– Thermal underwear (2 pairs)
– Old gray vest with a couple of pockets (decrepit, but useful)
– Australian Bird Book by Slater
– Kindle (with ~ 80 books, glad I have the extra 4 GByte card)
– Canon EOS 40D manual
– Canon EOS 40D tutorial book
– Lowe Camera bag – which I used to carry around my
Canon EOS 40D and 24-70 lens (a heavy combo).
Also lens cleaner, spare battery and polarizer
Hiking gear
– 750 ml watter bottle (two)
– First aid kit
– Emergency gear (compass, knife, repair kit, whistle, spare food,
headlamp, flashlight, spare glasses)
– Jublo prescription glacier glasses
– Cradle Mountain-Lake St. Clair National Park Map
Other Stuff
– Blackberry
– Kindle, Blackberry, Canon 40D, Canon 850 chargers
– Medicine
– Many types of sunscreen – I am either chalk white or beet red.
– Moleskine 64 page notebook (brought 3, used 2)
– My bag – an old roller bag that has endured many trips
– Granite Gear compression bag – carried a lot of hiking clothes compressed
– A small Kiva Designs pack – it’s gone on many trips, almost shot, had to get thread and needle and sew a ripped seam in Melbourne – but it still works!
– Itinerary – where we were going with dates and phone numbers etc.

Items I Bought
– Poster of North Queensland Coast
– Photography Book- Capturing the World by Darren Leal
– The Anzacs by Patsy_Adam-Smith (quite interesting author)
I wanted to know more of Anzac history – this was highly recommended
– Leonardo’s Lost Robots by robotics engineer Mark Elling Rosheim
I bought this at a Leonardo museum exhibit in Melbourne
– Leonardo Da Vinci ‘Anatomy to Robots’ exhibit catalog
– old Australian Geographics that a bookstore owner gave me in Bowral, NSW
– Tasmania books and maps
The Rock Which Makes Tasmania by David Leaman
– 5th edition of Cradle Mountain Lake St Clair and Walls of Jerusalem National Park by John Chapman, Monica Chapman & John Siseman
Emergence a sci-fi novel by Ray Hammond
which I bought in Bowral, NSW
– A laminated summary of The Metamorphosis of Plants by
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe from Mount Tomah Botanical Garden,
in the Blue Mountains, NSW
– The first issue (1952) of the journal Diogenes – a transdisciplinary journal of science and the humanities
– Miscellaneous Notes, maps and brochures in a plastic portfolio

Australia oz2009 640

Saddleback Leather Bag
Notebook Battery

Image by OkayCityNate

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