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OLPC XO laptop powered by a solar panel


OLPC’s Richard Smith gives a demo of an XO-1.75 laptop running from a solar panel with no battery inserted — there’s no stored up power in this demo, the la…

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DIY Dimmable LED Light Panel


DIY Dimmable LED Light Panel

UPDATE! Kickstarter page! Check it out – We’ve built a DIY LED light panel for under ! Here is everything you would need… White LEDs – Servo Adjuster BRUSHED ESC – Long Runtime Li-Po Battery – Light Weight Li-Po Battery – Thanks for watching!
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Bike Traveler With Folding Solar Panel


Bike Traveler With Folding Solar Panel
Computer Batteries

Image by docentjoyce
Montana de Oro State Park, Bluff Trail. This fellow was on an extended bike trip. He carries with him a 15 panel UniPac folding solar panel, cost 0. Connected to the panel was a Lithium, Ion 3 lb. battery. The battery supplies the power to his computer & other electrical items he carries with him. He pays . a mo. for his internet connection. Hauls a small trailer; started out in Nevada & plans to be on the road at least a year.

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Epson Printer TX121 – How to operate with the Panel Buttons of the Printer


Epson Printer TX121 - How to operate with the Panel Buttons of the Printer

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Travelers Solar Panel, A Solar Charger That Packs The Punch


This green gadget has some grunt. [ ]. There’s solar chargers that’ll get solar power to a cell phone. There’s solar chargers that will power a laptop and then this… a solar panel and big battery that is hardy and strong. Who would like this: Campers and outdoor fans who need a solar energy source for gadgets. Traveling business people and boat owners who need to keep their gadgets charged. What eBay keywords can I use: solar, solar system, solar power, solar energy, solar panels, solar powered, solar charger, solar battery, sun solar, solar electricity, solar collector, solar technology, renewable energy, green gadget, alternative energy, clean energy There are more and more solar charges on the market these days. But if you’re looking for a solar panel and solar battery combination that throws out enough energy to power up a gadget that’s just a bit larger (like a laptop) comfortably then you’re going to run into the goldilocks problem. They are either so big that you need a donkey to carry them round or only hold enough charge to power up a cell phone. Wholesale electronics supplier, Chinavasion has come up with a nice piece… a piece of solar technology that doesn’t hold a whole lot of solar electricity it’s also built to take the knocks. The portable solar battery – charger in a tough clamshell case is a sturdy unit comprised of two big solar panels on top of a large solar collector battery. The whole package is encased in tough industrial
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