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Digital Camera Batteries in your Photo Shoots – 3 Step Strategy


Digital Camera Batteries in your Photo Shoots - 3 Step Strategy – Never run into power issues during an on location photo shoot. This video explains a simple yet effective strategy to keep your digital camera batteries powered. It shows how I use high quality batteries such as eneloop cells (now also featured by apple batteries as re-branded Sanyo eneloop AA’s) and Hypermac external batteries to keep my gear powered up all the time. And I usually use one single battery charger only. My digital camera batteries I stay with the camera manufacturers original batteries. They are worth their huge price tag.
Video Rating: 5 / 5

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Moleskine Photo Notebook 1


Moleskine Photo Notebook 1

Image by Bob AuBuchon
My first Moleskine Photo Notebook. I am using the Moleskine Pocket Watercolor Notebook. Each black and white print is in wallet size. I am enjoying the production.

I began using Moleskine notebooks some time ago for journaling and keeping notes. Thanks to Joe Thorn [great photographs ... take a look!] I am now using one for my sermonic materials.


Image by Wm Jas
Some of my students’ notebooks. If the English on the inside is better than the English on the cover, I’ll know I’ve done my job.

See the larger size to read everything.

Old Notebook Paper

Image by GrungeTextures
Closeup of old notebook paper.

This texture is provided free of charge under a Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial License with the condition that a credit (printed use) or a hyperlink (online use) is made to Thanks!

Have you created artwork using this texture? Post it in the Grunge Textures Showcase flickr group. We’d love to see your work.

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