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As I am bagpacking for TEDx Brussels on Monday, I am going into what Steve Jurvetson calls "TEDreveries" =) exploring last year photos and I thought I would share this cool talk by Rob Spence (@Eyeborg) on his Eyeborg =)

"Take a one eyed film maker, an unemployed engineer, and a vision for something that’s never been done before and you have yourself the EyeBorg Project. Rob Spence and Kosta Grammatis are trying to make history by embedding a video camera and a transmitter in a prosthetic eye. That eye is going in Robs eye socket, and will record the world from a perspective that’s never been seen before."

"Canadian filmmaker Rob Spence lost his right eye in a shooting accident, but only recently have he and his collaborators completed a functional prototype of his new prosthesis that is also a camera.

The bionic eye is simply designed, and components are constantly changing. It basically contains a 1.5mm-square, low-res video camera, a small round printed circuit board, video transmitter, and a 3-volt rechargeable Varta microbattery. The components are contained in resealable clear acrylic used in false eyes, but it has two holes for wires to recharge the battery.

Spence can recharge it, he says “via USB off my laptop.” The transmitter is fairly weak, in order to get a clear signal, Spence holds an antenna up to his cheek. He’s already thinking about building a Borg-esque harness for it. Among the other things he enjoys equipping his face with is an earlier version of the prototype that is equipped with a red LED." geekosystem

TEDTalk video :TEDXBrussels – Rob Spence – Eyeborg, the Enhanced Self

Super Moneymaker Pump_2018
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"The Super MoneyMaker Pump is a manual treadle pump that will direct water to where it is needed without fuel or electricity. The pump can irrigate a two-acre area over an eight-hour period."

"Design for the Other 90%
February 17 – May 29, 2009
Of the world’s 6.5 billion people, 90 percent have little or no access to most of the products and services many of us take for granted. In fact, nearly half do not have reliable access to food, clean water, healthcare, education, affordable transportation, or shelter. The exhibition Design for the Other 90% features more than 30 projects that reflect a growing movement among designers, engineers, and social entrepreneurs to create low-cost solutions for everyday problems. Through local and global partnerships, individuals and organizations are finding unique ways to address the basic challenges of survival and progress faced by the world’s poor.

Design for the Other 90% showcases designs that incorporate new and traditional materials, and abandoned and emerging technologies to solve myriad problems—from cleaner-burning sugarcane charcoal to a solar-rechargeable battery for a hearing aid, from a portable water-purification straw to a low-cost laptop. By understanding the available resources and tools as well as the lives and needs of their potential users, these designers create simple, pragmatic objects and ingenious, adaptive systems that can help transform lives and communities.

Watch a video about the exhibition and discuss the designs in the exhibition.

Visit the exhibition web site to learn more about the designs on view."

Laine at Desk
Laptop Batteries

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I literally work on a lap desk. I have a "Posture Rite Lap Desk" — it is awesome! It has a soft cushion that goes on your lap attached to a flat, lightweight top that is just right for a laptop and microphone. I use touchpad mouse, am wireless, on batteries, and ready to podcast!

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