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Image by mararie
just before i’m going on holidays, i’ve bought a phototrackr!

the software that came with the phototrackr is quite horrible (not only the layout, but it also took me quite some time before i succeeded to get the gps data in the pictures), so i’ve decided to use the free software geosetter. happier now: much more detailed, more user friendly, and a better layout!

concerning the phototrackr itself:
+ able to adjust recording speed between 1 and 3600 seconds.
+ small and quite fast
- only able to adjust recording speed and other hardware changes when the phototrackr is connected to a computer
- after changing hardware / battery it needs 10 minutes to find gps data

just a regular comment on photos: i don’t like it that the exif data gets lost when cropping a file with irfanview. i don’t want to use photoshop or other big programs if i only need to crop pictures. love irfanview, because it’s simple and very fast to use

12GB tape
Computer Battery

Image by kenleewrites
Dug this up somewhere in my lab. 12GB of storage on a cassette tape. 125m of cassette tape! Anyone familiar with this kind of storage tapes? I haven’t used any before and don’t think I ever will… ^^. Went over to Amazon to check out the product description.

From the Manufacturer
Maxell has developed an advanced data cartridges for high-capacity data storage. This is a single pack of Maxell’s HS4/120s 4mm Data Cartridges, which have a capacity of 12 (native)/24 (compressed) GB, and a tape length of 120 meters. Maxell has developed these cartridges especially for high-capacity data storage and library applications. A patented ceramic coating process is used; it acts as a protective armor against heat, humidity, and eventual oxidation. As a result, the tape can withstand up to 2,000 passes and has an archival life of 30 years.

Product Description
The Maxell Corporation of America is a leading manufacturer of consumer and professional media products, including audiotape and accessories, videocassettes and accessories, computer data storage media, batteries, diskettes, optical products, and professional audiotape and videotape.The Maxell DDS-3 (HS-4/125) 4mm cartridge has a nominal capacity of 12GB with a compressed capacity of 24GB. Maxell has developed an advanced 4mm data cartridge for high capacity data storage. To protect the fine metal particles in the magnetic layer of the tape Maxell has patented a ceramic coating process which acts as a protective armor against heat humidity and eventual oxidation. The result is a tape durable enough to withstand at least 2000passes with an archival life of up to 30 years.

A piece of gadget history in my hand. ^^.

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