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Solar Portable Hardcase Laptop Charger 2


These Solar Portable Hardcase Laptop Charger uses high efficient monocrystalline silicon solar cells with 10W power output and above 17% transfer rate. It can be applied to outdoor jobs or works, journeys, explorations and other emergencies or situations or place lacking in electricity resources. It’s a green and convenient mobile electric source. For more details please visit: or at: and look for product list, solar hardcase laptop charger. Or you can email me at: for quote.
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Energizer XPal 18000 Unboxing: Portable Battery for Laptops

6 xPal has come up with a portable battery for laptops & other portable devices. The Energizer Universal is a 18000 mAh Portable Battery Back and Charger (Energizer XP18000 or Xpal 18000 Universal Charger) includes the following items Energizer Universal Battery Back,…
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Portable Power Station External Laptop & DVD Battery 2 of 2


Introduction to the Portable Power Station External Battery Pack that maximizes the runtime of laptops, portable DVD players, cell phones, PDAs, and digital media players
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Hey Rodney My name is Prabh im in the market for a gaming labtop for which i will be playing cod4, crysis etc . and editing Hardcore graphics and pictures. i already have a desktop (i7) but need something on the go some thing thats a desktop replacer. im looking for a price of 3000. or so. link please

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