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How to make a CPU fan USB powered


Keeping your system cool is key, this is one way I keep mine cool. (Made this video like 10 mins ago) This is my first video ever on youtube.

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Asus 1225C EEE PC unboxing – Atom powered EEE PC Flare mini laptop


An unboxing and quick preview of the Asus EEE PC 1225C, an 11.6 inch mini laptop, part of the new 2012 Asus EEE PC Flare line. Follow me on Twitter: or Subscribe on Facebook: . This is powered by the latest Intel Atom Cedar Trail platform and will come with a good price, being more affordable than the Asus 1225B, while also cheaper and while offering better battery life. More on .

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My first solar powered laptop.


This is my first attempt at a solar powered laptop. I am using the R-21 solar panel from PowerFilm, two PS-612 lead acid batteries by Power Sonic and one laptop car charger. This was just tossed together for something to play with. I will try to post more vids when I have time and the sunshine to make them. Thus far, I would highly recommend the R-28 Panel or larger as it has more amps and would work better in less than ideal conditions, as I have found the R-21 to be just enough in bright sunlight.

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MacBook Solar Powered Laptop System


100% eco-friendly, zero-emissions computing! This is a tour of the solar power system I engineered for charging and powering my Apple MacBook laptop as well as other devices. (Nokia N800 internet tablet, cell phones, lights, etc) I have employed 12 solar panels wired in parallel developing around 39 watts in the sunshine. The panels are managed by a solar charge controller wired to a 655CCA 12V car battery. The battery charges all day, then is brought in at night to power & charge my devices. It is capable of charging a completely dead MacBook battery as well as operating the machine under heavy load. A 400 watt DC-AC inverter is used to provide 120VAC. (household current) The inverter is capable of delivering 800 watts for short periods.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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