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My first solar powered laptop.


This is my first attempt at a solar powered laptop. I am using the R-21 solar panel from PowerFilm, two PS-612 lead acid batteries by Power Sonic and one laptop car charger. This was just tossed together for something to play with. I will try to post more vids when I have time and the sunshine to make them. Thus far, I would highly recommend the R-28 Panel or larger as it has more amps and would work better in less than ideal conditions, as I have found the R-21 to be just enough in bright sunlight.

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MacBook Solar Powered Laptop System


100% eco-friendly, zero-emissions computing! This is a tour of the solar power system I engineered for charging and powering my Apple MacBook laptop as well as other devices. (Nokia N800 internet tablet, cell phones, lights, etc) I have employed 12 solar panels wired in parallel developing around 39 watts in the sunshine. The panels are managed by a solar charge controller wired to a 655CCA 12V car battery. The battery charges all day, then is brought in at night to power & charge my devices. It is capable of charging a completely dead MacBook battery as well as operating the machine under heavy load. A 400 watt DC-AC inverter is used to provide 120VAC. (household current) The inverter is capable of delivering 800 watts for short periods.
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