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Samsung Notebook Serie 9 – Compact Premium Design


Samsung Notebook Serie 9 Einzigartig dünn. Kunstvoll verarbeitet. Die neue Samsung Notebook Serie 9 ist ab dem 1. Juni 2012 in Österreich erhältlich.
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Acer Aspire Ethos 5951G / 8951G Premium Notebooks

24 Die neuen Acer Aspire 5951G und Aspire 8951G aus der Ethos Premium-Serie basieren auf der zweiten Generation der Intel Core Prozessortechnologie und sind mobile Multimedia-Center der Superlative, die in Bezug auf Leistung, Optik, Schnittstellenvielfalt und Video- sowie Audiofunktionalität neue Maßstäbe setzen.
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Hp Envy 14 Spectre Premium Ultrabook Notebook Product Showcase NCIX Tech Tips


CA: US: With its 9.5 hour battery life, Intel Core i5 processor, SSD drive, and stunning industrial design, the HP Envy 14 Spectre calls no Ultrabook “master”.

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Targus APM69US Premium Laptop Charger


Half the size and weight of typical AC/DC charger, the Targus APM69US Premium Laptop Charger includes nine laptop tips, one mini-USB tip and one iPhone/iPod/iTouch tip. Included with the AC charger is a separate DC charger that plugs directly into a cigarette lighter and also charges two devices simultaneously. The AC charger features an integrated rotating plug, which allows the charger to sit vertically into a power strip without blocking other outlets. The Targus APM69US Premium Laptop Charger, which includes both the AC and DC chargers supports virtually all leading brands of laptop and includes a mini-USB tip and an Apple iPod/iPhone/iTouch charging tip. Get the Targus APM69US Premium Laptop Charger now.
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