Lithium Laptop Battery Manufacturing Process
According to the U.S. well-known science writer Marshall Brain series of articles in the lithium batteries introduction, the vast majority of lithium battery explosion caused by a short circuit, and the specific reasons, including charging overvoltage / over-current use of aging.

Lithium laptop battery manufacturing process, because the manufacturing process itself flawed, it is easy to be insulated in this between the two poles, leaving metal dust, copper foil, aluminum foil pieces. The angle is expected in the battery than the fever (more common in long-term use or charging), the like boiling water in a grain of rice, as in the electrolyte to make random thermal motion. If you happen to have the Canon BP-511 battery positive and negative particles or debris near the middle of the diaphragm level, it could create a divide perforation, triggering micro-short circuit. As the batteries are flammable organic electrolytes, micro-short-circuit may cause an explosion, burning and other accidents, generally have the following three cases:

1. Sparks ignited the electrolyte, and thus bring disaster to come into contact with plastic body and flammable, resulting in fire;

2. Was experiencing an increase of temperature caused by the battery, the discount laptop battery inside the space is small, perhaps because of increased pressure to explode;

3. Batteries slower rise in temperature, the battery case to melt gradually, so that corrosive electrolyte leakage.

Lithium Dell Inspiron e1505 Battery safety problems can not stop now, because then the advanced manufacturing technology, will inevitably lead to planting the seeds in the electrolyte “missile.” Should be noted that the formal sector of lithium battery production and sales have strict norms of acceptable quality lithium batteries, the number and size of debris have been controlled within a small, very low risk of perforation of diaphragm; batteries outside the Shell also used flame-retardant material, is not prone to fire. Laptop BatteryACER Laptop Battery | Dell Laptop Battery | HP Laptop Battery | TOSHIBA Laptop Battery

Lithium laptop battery manufacturing process

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