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Apple products on a desk


Apple products on a desk
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I bought the white MacBook in September 2006. It’s always been a top performer. Over the last couple of years it’s been the computer the kids have used and abused.

Last year the hard drive failed and I recently go around to buying a new one. Once fitted last week I wasn’t able to get Mac OS X to install from my drop in DVD due to it being scratched.

Today I had an appointment at the local Apple Store where the Genius installed Mac OS X 10.6 for me, but also noted that the top case was cracked at the palm rest. He also noticed that a couple of keys were sticking.

He cheerfully announced he’d get this fixed for me too.

90 minutes later I got a call from the store to say the laptop was ready. And I tell you what, it’s as good as new, what with the battery have been replaced a couple of years ago.

Goodbye old hottness, hello new hottness.
Computer Battery

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My mom’s new hottness, her sea-green iPod Nano. The Rio Carbon was her first mp3 player. It was a good mp3 player, but it went the way of most lithium-ion battery based products where the charging didn’t make much of a difference in keep it alive anymore. So goodbye trusty Rio Carbon, hello to the glorious Apple iPod Nano. You know what? This the 2nd iPod I’ve registered in my computer within the past five weeks.

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