How to maintain a small laptop battery proposal

What laptop battery maintenance mode? What is the use of laptop battery maintenance to be bad news? Notebook battery maintenance in the end or not to pull out the books, pull out the If the power is how to do? Notebook battery maintenance of good to be able to use the longest words long? See below, it will know.

Laptop battery long time, it is often sufficient dissatisfaction, or even show damage,  if coupled with maintenance of normal laptop battery is not good enough to do anything, even accelerated aging of the battery to the speed! Therefore, attention must be used in a small number of maintenance skills. Whether you’re in laptop use in a lithium battery or nickel metal hydride hp pavilion dv4 battery , as far as possible to the basic battery charge after the exhaustion (power less than 5%), which is to avoid battery memory effect in the best way. In fact, the lithium-ion battery has some way memory effect, but much smaller than the nickel-metal hydride batteries Bale. But it needs attention to is charging the battery, try to avoid too long, the general control within 12 hours. With the use of laptop battery maintenance bogey with the full!

Laptop battery in life not by the length of the total use of time, but by deciding to charge and discharge times. This is the laptop battery maintenance to the importance of – life lithium-ion laptop batteries to be determined by the charge and discharge times! If you’re using laptop in when the battery has been fitted to the laptop instead of taking off, even if shut down the machine and remove the After AC power supply, the battery will not like you imagine it has to land when fully charged state. Because the laptop hp pavilion dv5 battery is used to integrated control circuit,  even when turned off the computer to also power. One connected to AC power, the battery is not the time to full power, and thus will soon start charging. Thus, when turned on or off the power, you will repeatedly to laptop battery charge and discharge, reducing the battery to life, this is laptop battery maintenance of a bogey ground.the right to set power management. You can accept the way in the context of the hard disk and screen into standby or hibernation to set too short as possible.

Many of my friends would ask, is it choose to enter “standby” status is good? Or “sleep” state is good? Which of the two more hp pavilion dv6 battery power? The answer is to use as the case may be. In fact, the difference between the two places: when the system standby to save the data into memory, this advantage is the machine to wake up in a short time, wake-up process is also less power consumption, but in standby process, machine memory in order to maintain the data, will slow battery to power consumption; sleep in time, the system sucked the data saved to disk, do not consume after, but to sleep and wake up to a lot of time in the consumption of electricity. Individuals to leave the computer experience is that if within an hour of sleep than Standby power, if left to long, then more power is the way of sleep. Of course, by way of saving can also be “off”, huh, huh!

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