Question of the Week: How long does your CCI laptop battery last?

For some UNC students, their college careers will last longer than the lifespan of the batteries in their CCI computers.

Freshmen said their computers’ battery lives last between four and five hours.

“I’m pretty good at making my battery last throughout the day,” said freshman Allison Farmer. “I try to let the battery get pretty low before I charge it, and I don’t leave it plugged in once it reaches 100%.”

UNC’s IT Help and Support website links to the site of CCI manufacturer Lenovo. That page inlcudes tips for extending battery life by utilizing power-saving modes such as hibernation and standby or decreasing LCD brightness. By the time students reach their junior year, CCI laptop battery life seems to decrease.

“My laptop only takes two hours to die,” said junior Tiffany Williamson. “It always seems to die at the most inconvenient times – usually when I’m about to use it for class or homework.”

Another junior had an optimistic view of his computer’s untimely death.

“I think it’s kind of a good thing that I don’t take my laptop to class anymore,” said junior Zach Alexander. “I feel like I pay more attention when I write my notes. The internet is just too intoxicating.”

One senior seemed to suffer worst of all.

“I almost had to buy an expensive replacement battery, but then my laptop was stolen,” said senior Kevin Barnett. “Instead, I got a whole new one.”

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