INFO: ———– Disclaimer: Opening your computer can void the warranty. I cannot be held responsible for any damage caused to any computer that has been taken apart using my video. Perform at your own risk and with caution. ———– This video goes through the process I took to take apart my friends Sony Vaio VGN-NW25GF/P laptop, clean it, apply new thermal paste to it and reassemble it. This is not the official way to do it. It was my first time taking apart his laptop, so some of the steps may not be in the best order. I decided to make this video because I could not find a disassembly video for this model of laptop. Also, I watched another video on Youtube which help me to disassemble a HP laptop a while back, so I decided to contribute something back and hopefully help some people :) Random facts: 3 hours recording 59 minutes of footage 8 hours editing/learning to use the editing software 15 minutes rendering :D 150 minutes uploading -_-;

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