This video shows you how to build a 2-cell A123 receiver pack for your RC model airplanes. A123 batteries are the very best option for modern 2.4GHz RC systems because they provide plenty of voltage headroom and astonishing current-handling capabilities. They’re also far safer than lipos, have no “memory” and won’t be destroyed if you accidentally run them completely flat. Using this video as a guide, you can build your own super-good A123 receiver pack for around US. I use these 1100mAH packs in my glow-powered models up to 1.20 cubic inches (20cc) and also any gliders larger than a DLG. For bigger IC models, you can use the 2300mAH A123 cells and the same techniques. A 2S 2300mAH A123 pack can be used in planes as large as a 55cc gaser with two 2300mAH packs (fed through two switch harnesses) capable of powering even a 40% model. You can discuss this project in the comments on this video or in the RCModelReviews forums at: Here are the sources of the materials used in this video: A123 cells (wait on the page for the best price pop-up): Heat-shrink (large and small): Balance leads: or
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