This is a video of how to open your battery case, we do kinds of battery repair work for our customers overseas,and tell them how to do this,and the first step is to open the battery case, some of our customer think that open a case is hard work,and sometimes if they do not open successfully, the battery case will be destroyed, or they use uncorrect ways to open case,their hands will be hurt, so here i take the video,and let all my customer who do battery repair work to learn how i open the case.recell work, test battery,discharge and charge battery need kinds of equipment, my website web: we sell kinds of software and hardware , you could go to website web: to find what you need, we also provide technical support to our customers who are battery repair beginners, contact us by SKYPE:xitonghan or MSN: Welcome to visit our website, hope that we could have chance in coooperatiion!

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