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Rechargable Batteries for Vtech Innotab from Amazon


There is a set of 4 rechargable Kodak AA batteries from Amazon along with a wall-wart charger for with FSSS. I’ve been using these in my Innotab for over…
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recondition rechargable batteries…… nickel metal hydride (NiMH) batteries for free!


How to recharge batteries that have lost some or all of their ability to charge…..this will work on led acid, nickle cadmium (NI cad) and nickel metal hydr…
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54/365 iPhone cover AND rechargable spare battery in one


54/365 iPhone cover AND rechargable spare battery in one
Computer Battery

Image by sirexkat
It’s an early birthday present.

The leather case is kind of meh, but the iPhone slots into a cradle that is also a spare rechargeable battery – which is not meh at all. Just plug them both into the computer at nighttime to recharge and battery life is doubled.

When I put the iPhone down without a cover it seems so unobtrusive that I feel like I’m likely to just walk away and forget it.

The bottom flap is kind of annoying, but when I put the iPhone on its side to watch a TED video clip when I make dinner then it has its own stand…

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Image by cogdogblog
2011/03/12: Make a photograph that illustrates a role of technology in your life. #ds482

It would be way to easy to snap a photo of a mobile phone, computer, etc. This is definitely technology, a tool. It absolutely plays a key role in my life, weather it is turning the vegetable garden, harvesting the sandstone boulders from below the ground, breaking up the compost, planting trees, moving gravel…

The iShovel!

Can you find the battery? :-)
Computer Battery

Image by ttstam
Engine compartment of Mike’s new Evo X MR. I can’t imagine modifying a car like this – that is a LOT of components packed very tightly into the engine bay.

The MR features a twin-clutch, computer controlled sequential manual gearbox that can execute a gearshift in 200 milliseconds. It is quite an experience riding in the car – I can hear the gear shifts, but I can’t feel them at all.

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