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Waking & Attempting to restore Capacity to Laptop Batteries- Warning LONG AND BORING!


Attempting to wake and then restore capacity to laptop batteries. I will save you time and tell you that it failed due to planned obselensense , despite the …

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Edit The Windows Registry And Restore The Battery Meter On A Laptop


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Restore the capacity of the notebook computer batteries

Notebook Battery
by Pitel

Restore the capacity of the notebook computer batteries

The author’s laptops with standard a lithium battery (14.4 V, 3.2 AHr), computer just buy back when negroponte battery can be more than two hours. In view of lithium battery basically no memory effects, and the battery charging system with intelligence on batteries, so not special maintenance, just in the first full charge when using several times to activate cell, peacetime mostly used communication power supply, use the battery power adapter is the time is not long. After more than a year, the laptop battery capacity have much less effective, and each can insist to use half an hour.

Based on the data access that: to ensure the battery has a long life and good charging and discharging characteristics, best every month to completely discharge once, the upcoming power management attribute inactivity and standby mode closed, and close notebook “battery shortage alarm” and “battery, serious shortage alarm” for batteries later, computer automatic shutdown until discharge thus can watch, and calibration power extending battery life.

So the author every few days full charge to the battery once, but battery capacity or more and more small, shown as a rechargeable full, use over. Clearly shows the battery charger is full already, unplug the ac adapter, the system to begin immediately shut down, then boot is not enter operating system would have no electricity.

How to restore laptop battery capacity? Some brand (such as IBM) notebook computer provides special battery refresh procedures, the use of process control battery depth discharge, the effect is very good, but the author laptop not incidental to such tools.

The author consulting special maintenance center, was told that laptop battery life usually only one year, and cannot repair, can replace new battery, and new buy a cell needs to 1500 yuan, the author had to reassure the same way.

Don’t the batteries died? Since can through the procedure control charge-discharge to restore battery performance, it can not directly discharge to solve these problems? The answer is yes. The key is how to confirm the battery is negative. This laptop battery is negative, because from external hard to identify, and tucked deep electrodes to have multiple terminals, terminal external and grille protection, even the very fine multimeter pen can only apart by the battery.

Use a word screwdriver carefully pry the plastic shell, laptop battery with electrodes along from one end to pry the juncture when shell, operation must be careful, otherwise easy will end of the department of charging protection circuit board pry bad or will battery core thorn bad. Ravel shell can be clearly seen after internal structure: shell battery with tenon clasp and powerful adhesive connect into one of the opposite by four groups, battery core series and parallel into, each quarter full voltage in core, battery pack enough about 4.2 V 17V after power voltage close, I just apart when 15.97 V battery voltage, and also compared to high, but now use the battery has already cannot start the computer.

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