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euronews hi-tech – Robots reveal Titanic secrets

0 The wreck of the Titanic lay undisturbed for 73 years, at depths of up to 12000 feet under water. It was discovered in 1985, by a team of American and French researchers using a newly-developed ultra-sensitive sonar system, combined with advanced acoustic technology. The sinking of the Titanic has a macabre fascination for scientists and the public alike and researchers have been exploring the wreck since 1985. In 1986 a small underwater robot named Jason Junior or “JJ” produced the first images of the ship on the ocean floor. JJ was tethered to a manned submersible, nicknamed Alvin, hovering just metres away. But now with advanced communications and guidance systems, a new generation of vehicles is able to dive deeper, and remain submerged for longer. Much of this new technology was developed at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution in Falmouth, Massachusetts. The latest is Nereus, which can operate as an Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV) or a robot. Nereus can collect samples or conduct experiments using its robotic manipulator arm. It works on rechargeable lithium-ion batteries, similar to those used in cell phones and laptop computer battery. Battery life is around 20 hours and it takes six hours to recharge. Using computer battery programme systems designed for flying drones and modifying other computer battery programmes, Bowen’s team helped introduce robotic guidance controls to undersea exploration. The connection for commands and information flow is a light, flexible
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the laptop battery reveal secret


the laptop battery reveal secret

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the laptop battery reveal secret – Computers – Laptops

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Here will reveal secret of the laptop battery for you. To be honest, I am really curious of my dell batteries battery. What is inside look like of the laptop battery? As it’s not cheap, I think there are some special components inside the dell batteries battery.Several days ago, I went to an expert for answer. And he reveals the secret of the dell batteries battery. And what he said is really to my surprise.

First to note is that, laptop batteries such as dell Inspiron 500m battery, dell Inspiron 510m battery, dell Inspiron 600m battery, dell Latitude D500 battery, dell Latitude D505 battery, dell Latitude D510 battery, dell Latitude D520 battery, dell Latitude D600 battery, dell Latitude D610 battery, dell 312-0068 battery, dell 6Y270 battery, dell 1X793 battery and dell C1295 battery have no difference from the ordinary rechargeable batteries. If not, the difference is the appearance which is shaped by the manufacturers. For example a nominal 12.5V, 4000MAh laptop batteries, in general, it is composed of: starting with three single voltage of 4.2V, 2000MAh batteries in series to achieve the standard said the 12.5V voltage, then a re-composition of the same parallel circuit the battery cells, to enhance the overall capacity of the battery to 4000MAh, this battery is generally referred to 6CELL battery pack.

It sounds very simple composed. That is to say, the laptop battery can be replaced by my hand. Industrial Lithium batteries are very rare, different in shape and difficult to replace, the replacement of a high technical threshold keeps us to replace the battery by ourselves. If you are a master, then you just pass the original battery connection method to re-connect and form complete parameters, and then you have the same battery pack. This product is very rare on the market in retail.

This factor led to considerable profits for the manufacturers to replace the battery. There have been many on the market today on behalf of the customer’s business replacement notebook battery lithium batteries, which is to cater to the tastes of consumers. Now are you still have curiosity of the laptop battery under the black and solid body? To be honest, I lost interest in the laptop battery as it’s not so mysteristic as I expected.

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dell 6Y270 battery online shopping system.

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dell 6Y270 battery online shopping system.

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