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shakedown ride


shakedown ride
Computer Battery

Image by Robert S. Donovan
I finally got my road bike ("Lola") put back together with drop bars and all 18 speeds, so this morning I decided to take her for a shakedown ride. Things must have been working well as I ended up riding just over 30 miles!

It has been a l-o-n-g time since I rode that far. Back in the day (20 years ago!), I used to average 40 miles a day during the week and 75+ on Saturday and Sunday (300+ mi/wk).

I had to replace the battery in my computer so I guess this kinda officially begins my return to serious cycling. I’ll be happy if I can get up to 150 mi/wk. Now, please excuse me while I go carbo-load on ramen noodles and give my back muscles a rest :D

Computer Time
Computer Battery

Image by programwitch
2/10/2007 – Donna takes some time to look up some movie information.

Computer Battery

Image by clinton1550
Looking at the backup battery, ATI GPU, and RAM slots.

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Tesla Roadster Ride along


be sure to subscribe for further tesla videos! as i walked up to a mexican restaurant i was taking pictures, as the owner comes out! he showed me the trunk and the battery, i think he said 74 laptop battery and the electric motor! then he asked me if i wanted a ride and i was ecstatic! he went like 10 to 50 in like 2 seconds! be sure to subscribe! and comment and rate! 5 stars~ thanks!

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