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DIY LED Ring Light 2.0. using one cell of laptop battery.


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homemade ring light


homemade ring light
Laptop Battery

Image by Oli Pritchard
Inspired by the project at Both photos combined above were of course taken with identical camera settings. This is version minus one, the proof of concept – hence the taped up battery pack (3 old 17670 lithium ions, reclaimed from a laptop battery, in series) and everything held together with epoxy resin. The centre is an empty 55mm filter ring and backing is a conveniently sized lid from a plastic tub. The two LED rings are from; I used 120mm and 90mm rings, smaller sizes are also available. I wired them in parallel.

Laptop Battery

Image by reb
My laptop battery is dead so i am stuck studying for a test i have next week. Carrying around a dead laptop on my back all day rocks.

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