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How to repair a LIPO battery at your own risk.


DO NOT ATTEMPT THIS. IT IS FOR ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY. Unless you feel qualified and are willing to accept full responsibility for any and all consequences that may postcede your actions to do so.

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the laptop battery will appear in terms of risk of explosion is very small


the laptop battery will appear in terms of risk of explosion is very small

How Lithium Battery Maintenance Is Correct
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We love machine exactly how lithium battery maintenance is correct? This problem has plagued many people for a long time at the forum there is no uniform opinion. I looked up some information and consulted a friend (who the Department of electrochemical professional doctorate), and the introduction of the Friends under the advice of a well-known domestic battery, deputy director of the Institute. Can not arrogantly have resolved the issue and maintenance of lithium ion, but some of his recently acquired knowledge and experience to write about. The author of the study beyond the high school chemistry chemical Coban Orsay, have since been studying and working in the IT field, ?????, one must understand that even more shallow, N. of salt, but expert Dell inspiron 9400 battery Compaq presario R3000 battery Dell inspiron 1300 Battery.

Lithium-ion battery cathode material of lithium active compounds are usually composed of negative electrode is a special molecular structure of carbon. The common major components of LiCoO2 cathode materials
Negative reaction: C + xLi + + xe-CLix
Battery overall reaction: LiCoO2 + C Li1-xCoO2 + CLix
Discharge, then the occurrence of the above reaction of the reverse reaction.

Charging, the battery added to the positive pole of the electric potential to force the release of compounds Li + ions, embedded negative elements arranged in lamellar structure of the carbon. Discharge, Li + ion from the lamellar structure of carbon in the escape and re-cathode combination of compounds. Li + movement to promote a current. Laptop toshiba PA3399U-2BRS battery maintenance methods – 3, after the exhaustion of electricity charge and avoid charging time is too long regardless of your notebook to use nickel-metal hydride or lithium-electric power, it must take charge after the exhaustion of power (capacity less than 1%), which is The best way to avoid the memory effect. There is no memory effect on lithium to say, I have been in the preceding description is misleading and irresponsible businesses. Lithium-Ion battery memory effect will be the same, but it is the memory effect than nickel-metal hydride smaller Bale. Mobile phone battery charging with the same way, when you charge the battery to the laptop, try to avoid too long, the general control within 12 hours. As for the prevention of exposure to prevent damp to prevent the erosion of chemical liquids, avoid contact with the battery contacts with metal objects such as attention, not much to mention here also.

Laptop Battery Maintenance Mistakes Dell latitude D610 Battery HP DV8000 Battery

?1? errors reach 100% charge will be an explosion

As the operational need, urban areas, Mr. Lin has recently tried to buy a laptop computer. However, when he was buying was heard people say that when the laptop is usually in charge can only charge to 99%, can not charge to 100%, if the charge to 100%, then the laptop battery will explode. After hearing this, Mr. Lin hesitated, and in the end this laptop battery Security less secure? Dell Inspiron 8200 battery Dell FK890 battery Dell Inspiron 1721 battery Dell Inspiron 1300 Battery

Industry sources have told reporters on the market of this popular “saying” just a rumor. Because the laptop battery will appear in terms of risk of explosion is very small, only send a maximum of heat caused by melting shell and rarely cause an explosion. The few published laptop battery explosion, mostly due to the battery when in the production of quality problems caused. The reason why laptop battery can not charge to 99% after the then 100%, it is because the battery control circuit of the record and the state of the battery itself has gone wrong, the battery has not reached the voltage Dell Inspiron 1520 Battery Dell Latitude D600 Battery Dell XPS M1330 battery Dell Latitude D531N Battery control circuit in the record, so control circuit has been In the power-up, charging, but in fact the battery is already full, and encountered this problem can be corrected to resolve.

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