roland tb-303 bass line
Computer Battery

Image by dr. motte
Roland TB-303 Bass Line

// sorry, no battery cover

/// you wanna b u y it? send your offer…

//// photo made in berlin with my beloved panasonic lumix dmc-lx1 leica lens


Desktop Setup – Dec2010
Computer Battery

Image by Gone-Walkabout
My personal computing history: DOS>AppleIIgs>OS/2>NT4>WindowsXP/2000>Vista(for 18mo)>Red Hat WS3-5>Ubuntu>OSX [I still run Ubuntu & XP in a VM]

I switched from Linux to OSX, as it supported Adobe products(which I needed for photo editing). Plus I like Mac’s now as as I can go into a command prompt & do *nix commands.
(I put up with Vista for 18 mo, I couldn’t put up with crashing anymore -system was 4gb ram + ssd)

Computer Battery

Image by placid casual
bike 180 – ride 33

a quick snap taken on the way home from work.
it shows the computer mount hanging from the bars. this is because, despite having had the battery changed, the wiring checked and a piece of tinfoil packing the space between terminals, it had been flashing on and off at me over the last few weeks.
for some reason, when the on the way in today, the signal stopped and i was presented with 0kph, i ripped it from the bars and hurled it into the hedge

having considered some of the comments to this post from VO, i’m not sure if i’ll bother replacing it

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