well here is the #1 and #2 , decided to upload this a litter sooner than i thought i would , also this was recorded about a week ago directly after my #3 and #4 video… hence the same hoodie. #2 , the Cisco Lazer Mod with an 801 atomizer from vapornine.com. While this device has a slightly weaker battery life than my beloved Screwdriver , it is still certainly longer lasting than most traditional e-cig batteries , especially the traditional Joye-510 batteries. This is my “on the couch dripping device”. I love the penstyle atomizer for the nice smooth draw and huge vapor. These penstyle attys from vapornine.com seem to rarely leak either. Teamed up with Marlboro from thehouseofvapor.com it’s an extremely satisfying vaping experience. #1 , the Puresmoker.com USB passthrough , my only “higher voltage” device is also my most satisfying. I am usually a low volt vaper when i’m out and about but at home this thing knocks my socks off. Like i said in the video i didn’t really fall in love with this until i got that 901 adapter for it , now i just drip 3 drops and fill the room with clouds of vapor. It doesn’t have a battery to worry about charging and if my computer is on then it’s good to go. The only real downside to this device is that i can’t take it with me. Regardless it will deliver a RECKLESS throat hit time after time after time after time. This device is REALLY well built , feels very sturdy and has a nice thick gauge cord that DOES RELAX over time. I have also found
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