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“Saving Private Li-ion” – Reviving a under-voltage (close to Zero Volt) Li-ion battery


A documentary video showing the process of reviving a under-voltage (close to Zero Volt) Li-ion battery using a Cadex Battery Analyser with Boast Function. T…

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Energy Saving Photocopiers & Business Machines from Kyocera MITA


Energy Saving Photocopiers & Business Machines from Kyocera MITA

Kyocera Corporation was launched way back in 1959 when it was known as the Kyocera Ceramics Co. and back then its sole product line were ceramic insulators for electrical products and as a vital part of their evolvement over the last 40 years, they are still making these today. After buying into and selling out of various other associated fields along the way, the company bid for and merged with MITA Corporation in the year 2000, adding a vast array of photocopiers and business machines to their already growing product range.

In fact shortly after 1982 and not long after it’s acquisition and merger of Cybernet Electronics, Kyocera Corporation introduced one of the very first battery powered portable laptop computers, known as the Tandy 100, which had a built in modem, and an LCD screen. Until this point they had also taken over Yashica Corp which made a rage of cameras and film.

The takeover included the licensing agreement Yashica held with Carl Zeiss. They continued to make and distribute film and digital cameras until 2005 under the Yashica and Contax brands.

So in 2000 Mita Industrial was absorbed into the Kyocera stable of companies, and as a result Kyocera Mita Corporation was born. They now manufacture a wide range of Multi Function Printers which are also marketed under the Copystar brand, toner cartridges destined for Europe, Asia, the Middle East and other places, and of course general and specialized printers and photocopiers. They also manufacture wide format imaging systems.

In general terms, MITA has always had a very good name in the market as an industry leader in solid performance cost effective business machines. This tradition and reputation is being expanded to fit the Kyocera policy structure on a much broader scale.

The company has even established it’s own Green Environment Committee to oversee the entire group’s environmental policy management. This committee was established with the group in 2004. Their main charter is to reduce the environmental impact of production and distribution across the complete range. Along with many other machines in the Top thirty list of energy saving copiers, Kyocera also have a machine that is well positioned in the Top ten energy saving machines around the world. This tells me that the company is very serious about its commitment to the environment and strives to make sure it is a market leader in this way.

As Kyocera Mita continues to grow we will see strength in its product base and expansions of its range. It is always a great indicator of the quality of a company’s product, to assess their market position and their future plans for expansion. Companies cannot grow without a solid customer base, and this customer base is a direct result of ongoing sales. Sales are only made when a product is recommended or offered by reputation. Kyocera MITA has that reputation.

Jennifer Robinson writes for They supply a comprehensive range of Kyocera Mita Photocopiers with multifunction capabilities. They also supply photocopiers and office equipment solutions

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Easy Laptop Power Saving Secret!! – Tekzilla Daily Tip


Here’s a neat way to easily preserve your notebook battery life. Its a quick, cool way to easily shut down the biggest power drain and then pop it back on quickly when you need it. Save electricity, save the environment, and save your battery with this quick tip.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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