Making an 18650 Personal Vaporizer Box Mod Part 1 Schematic and How it Works

Before showing the making of my 18650 Box Mod, I cover the schematic and how the personal vaporizer works. I also show the AwesomeVapor Ego, a great PV that I bought from — great folks, excellent service, I highly recommend them, and their Ego. All the parts used in my mod came from: Radio Shack – the box, pushbutton, and battery holder (that I cut up for piece parts) – I could have gotten these from madvapes but happened to stop by my local Radio Shack for the fun of it. – the LED, resistor, battery-atomizer connector – They have a deal on 2 protected 2400maH 18650 batteries and charger. Wow! Target – Hot glue Harbor Freight – JB stick Epoxy putty Be extremely careful working with lithium ion batteries. ALWAYS use a PROTECTED Lithium Ion battery so that it will not overcharge or under-volt because they will explode and burn. Recharge these batteries outside on concrete under constant supervision in case they explode and burn while recharging. Unplug the charger and remove the battery(ies) as soon as charging is complete. Please do NOT attempt to make a pv e-cig mod unless you are an experienced electronic technician or a well-seasoned electrical-mechanical engineer. Each solder connection is critical, make it mechanical and then solder. Always remember, exploding lithium ion batteries can burn down your house and/or kill you and the ones you love!!! This video is for educational curiousity interest only. Mod at your

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