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Fruit-Power Battery – Sick Science! #083


Read the full experiment at Voltaic batteries of all shapes and sizes are objects that convert chemical energy into electrical energy. You probably use batteries to power your cell phone, iPod, or any number of wireless gadgets. But did you know that you can actually use chemical energy stored within a lemon to power a small LED light? It’s true, and we’ll show you exactly how in the Fruit-Power Battery experiment. Want more experiments like this? Check out Sick Science™ is a trademark of Steve Spangler, inc. © 2012 Steve Spangler Science all rights reserved
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Science and technology looks for ways to provide safe drinking water and natural energy


Science and technology looks for ways to provide safe drinking water and natural energy
Computer Battery

Image by US Army Africa
Small hybrid wind and solar energy systems can generate enough power to charge batteries for a variety of laptop computers, cell phones and digital cameras. (U.S. Army photo)

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X300 Bottom
Computer Battery

Image by craig1black
You can see the vents. In typical Thinkpad fashion, the computer doesn’t get hot. Just warm. Lots of vents on this with the main vents being on the sides. Blurry shot but the Thinkpad has the usual drain holes if you spill water on the super excellent keyboard.

Oh, yeah, it has the thicker battery… windows was telling me 5 hours of run time with the screen brightness turned up.

Sorry for the crappy shots! I took them quickly without checking. And the lens distortion is really visible there. The computer isn’t bent like that.

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Troll Science – Unlimited laptop battery


THE MUSIC IS SPANISH FLEA by HERB ALBERT. stop asking. please. I beg of you. Troll Science. You probably wont understand it unless you’ve seen other troll related videos/pictures.
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