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euronews hi-tech – Robots reveal Titanic secrets

0 The wreck of the Titanic lay undisturbed for 73 years, at depths of up to 12000 feet under water. It was discovered in 1985, by a team of American and French researchers using a newly-developed ultra-sensitive sonar system, combined with advanced acoustic technology. The sinking of the Titanic has a macabre fascination for scientists and the public alike and researchers have been exploring the wreck since 1985. In 1986 a small underwater robot named Jason Junior or “JJ” produced the first images of the ship on the ocean floor. JJ was tethered to a manned submersible, nicknamed Alvin, hovering just metres away. But now with advanced communications and guidance systems, a new generation of vehicles is able to dive deeper, and remain submerged for longer. Much of this new technology was developed at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution in Falmouth, Massachusetts. The latest is Nereus, which can operate as an Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV) or a robot. Nereus can collect samples or conduct experiments using its robotic manipulator arm. It works on rechargeable lithium-ion batteries, similar to those used in cell phones and laptop computer battery. Battery life is around 20 hours and it takes six hours to recharge. Using computer battery programme systems designed for flying drones and modifying other computer battery programmes, Bowen’s team helped introduce robotic guidance controls to undersea exploration. The connection for commands and information flow is a light, flexible
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The secrets of buying a laptop battery – the manufacturer’s instructions for all customers


The secrets of buying a laptop battery – the manufacturer’s instructions for all customers

Today most people use laptops or notebooks and in their daily lives. In my opinion, everyone should buy a battery for your laptop for a day. Practice shows that when people decide, a battery, most of them never had bought batteries impose. Therefore, we are happy to share three tips that customers should be considered.

If you buy a battery for your laptop or notebook, the first thing is to search for himself the reputation of the product. If the product by the manufacturer of your laptop that may be safe to rule that the product is manufactured quality. However, many manufacturers are not really farmers, but are the product of Brander. For example, if you are a laptop battery original open cells in the power of another high reputation company found. The manufacturer of your notebook in this case, just make the plastic housing of the battery. Therefore, it means that the brand does not mean that the quality of the laptop battery to buy perfect. There are some online shops where you can buy goods from manufacturers.

Evaluation of the battery power is taken into account when choosing a laptop battery properly. Laptop batteries have two main classifications: volts and amps. Many manufacturers of notebook batteries show ratings in volts or milliamps (mA miles equals 1 AMP). If you need a battery, try the battery with the majority of milliamps (or mAh) to choose.

One very important thing is the battery type. Batteries contain chemicals identified. There are four main types of portable nickel-cadmium batteries, Ni-MH, Li-Ion and Li-Poly. Ni-Cad batteries for laptops are fairly primitive. Ni-MH batteries are newer, but they are quite heavy and its main competitors are Li-Ion and Li-Poly. Li-Ion and Li-Poly cell are modern, advanced and less weight. They are widely used in the mobile market. So, if you try to a laptop battery, choose to select the type of batteries for your laptop or notebook.

This is a pictorial on how to get a toshiba laptop to boot again. The fault was, Shows the toshiba logo, then a white cursor on a black screen. This unit is an L300, though the fault is common on many toshiba laptops. The cause is a corrupted bios setting memory, and can only be rectified by the removal of a hard to reach and soldered in place bios battery. Remove the battery and the problem goes away, Watch the video. The song is resurrection :)
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The Secrets To Purchase A Quality Laptop Battery – Tips For Every Customer From A Manufacturer


The Secrets To Purchase A Quality Laptop Battery – Tips For Every Customer From A Manufacturer

Nowadays most people use laptops or and notebooks in their everyday life. In my mind, everyone will have to purchase a battery for his or her portable device one day. Practice shows that when people decide to require a battery most of them have never bought batteries before. That is why I will willingly share 3 useful tips which customers should keep in mind.

When you purchase a battery for your notebook or laptop, the first thing you should look for is the reputability of the product. If the product is made by the manufacturer of your laptop, you can normally be sure that the product is qualitative. However, many manufactures are not actually producers; instead they are just the brander of the product. For example, if you open up an original laptop battery you may find put that the power cells inside are actually made by any other big name company. The producer of you laptop in this case has just made the plastic case of the battery. Thus, it means that the brand you purchase doesn’t mean that the laptop battery quality is perfect. There are certain online stores where you can purchase items produced by original manufacturers.

Battery power rating must be kept in mind when you select a proper laptop battery. Laptop batteries have two principle ratings: Volts and Amperes. Lots of manufacturers of laptop batteries show ratings in Volts or Milliamperes (one thousand Milliamperes is equal to 1 Ampere). When you require a battery, try to select the battery with most Milliamperes (or mAh).

One more important thing is the battery type. Any battery contains certain chemicals. There are four main types of laptop batteries Ni-Cad, Ni-MH, Li-Ion, and Li-Poly. Ni-Cad laptop batteries are quite primitive. Ni-MH batteries are newer but they are rather heavy and their main competitors are Li-Ion and Li-Poly. Li-Ion and Li-Poly laptop are modern, more advanced and weigh less. They are widely used at the laptop market. That it why when you select a laptop battery try to select these types of batteries for your laptop or notebook.

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3 Secrets For Notebook Laptop Battery Care


3 Secrets For Notebook Laptop Battery Care

Did you know that your notebook laptop battery has feelings too? It does.

It feels heat in extremely warm environments.
It feels over used when running on empty.
It feels under-utilized when always left with a full charge.

It even feels the cooling bad resting gently below its base. At least that is the story in a good environment. Unfortunately laptop battery life can quickly turn dismal when the laptop battery maintenance is lacking.

Here’s how to give your laptop battery care it wants so that it will be ready to function next time you need it in a pinch.

Cool Down

The last thing you probably need is to buy something more. After all, that’s probably why you want to know how to extend the life of your notebook laptop in the first place.

It’s true.

You don’t need a cooling plate for your laptop, but it sure does help for both your lap and the device itself. However, a little duct tape trick can work wonders even without a notebook cooler.

Did I say duct tape? I meant to say CD case.

Simply take your CD case and prop it under the backside of your laptop while letting it rest on a flat surface. In this way the heat is able to escape much easier and your less likely to get burned.

Speaking Of Heat

Try to keep your laptop out of the sun or hotter environments. Yes, you may need to work on that tan, but subjecting a laptop to this type of environment does nothing for the longevity of the laptop battery life.

Optimized Usage

Laptop batteries don’t enjoy full tanks any more than running on empty. It finds its best comfort when able to locate a happy medium zone somewhere in the middle of its available battery power. Therefore, aim to keep your laptop about half full of charge whenever possible in-order for it to reach notebook laptop battery nirvana.

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