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Increase Your Laptop’s Battery Life – Advanced Settings


This video follows on from my previous video titled “Increase Your Laptop’s Battery Life – Simple” with some more complex settings that will increase the tim…
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Test hover MPNG 2.9 R5 default PID settings


UPDATE: here’s the page with information about the sonar, This is the first test hover of my HT-FPV quadcopter since updating to MegapirateNG 2.9 R5 with default PID settings. HT-FPV frame Crius AIO Pro 1.0 flashed with Megapirate NG 2.9 R5 (NEW) Crius CN-06 v2.0 GPS unit Skywalker Quattro 20Ax4 FrSky D8R-II+ FrSky Telemetry Hub FrSky FLVS Lipo Voltage Sensor 4x NTM Propdrive 28-26 1200 kv motors, with 9″ gemfans 3DR Telemetry Radio HC-SR04 Sonar Unit 3300 mah 3S LiPo battery MinimOSD (NEW) onboard microphone (NEW) FPV Gear: ImmersionRC 600 mw 5.8 Ghz Tx, with bluebeam whip antennas 600TVL SONY SUPER HAD CCD D-WDR 370 mah 3S LiPo battery Stock Turnigy 9x Radio with FrSky DJT Telemetry module & FrSky FLD-02 Telemetry Screen. Laptop running APM Planner with 3DR Radio for live telemetry and parameter tuning.
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DX7 Lipo Conversion and Battery Alam Settings


How to convert your Spektrum DX7 (Heli for the video) to a 3 Cell LiPo Battery and Adjust the Low voltage Alarm.
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13 macbook pro nvidia 320m WoW optimal graphic settings


Note: This video was made before the Cataclysm patch. The game have better water, textures and shadow now, and the results in this video may no longer be correct! Thank you! This is World of Warcraft with optimal graphic settings for the new Macbook pro 13 mid 2010 (nvidia 320m edition). I use the following settings: Native res. multisampling – 1x ( the difference between 1x and 2x is ~20fps) Everything at max except for: shadows – medium (looks the same as high, and u gain ~15 fps.) draw distance – medium (looks the same as high, and u gain ~3 fps.) Enviromental detail – medium (looks the same as high, and u gain ~2 fps.) Texture filtering – medium (looks the same as high, and u gain ~5 fps.) I get around 10fps more when I’m not using the recording program! In the last part of the video you will learn how to cap the fps. you need to write the following in the chat menu ingame: /console maxfps X, X being the fps number you wish to cap it at. I use 40. This will allow the computer to save power thus reducing heat, fan speed, and get you a battery boost! It is thanks to KadMac25 that I bought this laptop. In his video he wanted to show how the max settings in WoW would run on this laptop. And I want to show what the optimal graphic settings are. Thanks KadMac!! I get around 4h of playing WoW nonstop when I cap my fps to 30 with the settings above. The computer case is cool all the time(cpu around 68C) and the fan noice is very quite (running around 2500 – 3000rpm). Hope
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