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??????? Dell D620 6600mAhr Silver


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2-Fan Laptop Notebook Cooling Stand (silver)


Link: A hot notebook/laptop can be a pretty irritating thing, and…

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Silver refining


A micro-scale experiment explaining some principles related to the refining process of silver. Some Questions and answers: -Why use such a small container? =Because the larger the container the more solution of silver nitrate is required, which means that more of your silver is trapped in there. -What are those small spots on your skin? =As you can imagine, it is due to silver nitrate splashes that landed on it. It is not so tragic, I tell everyone that I refilled a printer ink cartridge. -Dude, how can you know that the silver content is 70% ? =Well, I know what went into that jar, that’s why. -Could you build a much better power supply? Theoretically I could, out of two transformers. But I have not found the right types yet. Actually anything that can supply (DC current) a voltage between 1,5 and 3,5 V and lots of Amps (goes anywhere from 10A to 800A) is suited for the job. Plating rectifiers do the job, but they cost a lot. -Didn’t your @1,5V time lapse take too long for producing almost nothing? =The batteries were already a bit consumed, I didn’t measure it but I guess the current was much smaller than 0,28A. Theoretically each battery can supply at least 2000mAh which means that each battery can plate out 8048g of pure silver. -70% of 25g makes 17,5g, you only got 16,9g of fine silver, where is the rest of it? =The rest of the silver is in the first solution where I left the copper tube in, a small part is in the electrolyte solution because it had a bit of free

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New ASUS Zenbook UX31E-DH52 13.3-Inch Thin and Light Ultrabook (Silver Aluminum) for Sale


Cheap Discount Online And Full Reviews By Amazon Here Thank You Great notebook This is a great notebook with awsome battery life (5+ hours of standward def video with 20% battery left), good keyboard (not as good as Lenovo’s), good trackpad (after driver upgrade), good scren and great look. I do wish that I can find a place to purchase another power supply as I usually have one charger at work and one at home. Although the power supply is thin and small, I would love to have 2, but I cannot find any retailer’s online that sells the power supply for this notebook. I also wish there is some soft of port aggregator for this notebook. On the right side of the notebook, you have power, USB3, mini VGA and mini HDMI port. ASUS could easily make an psudo dock that plugs into all 4 port then you have in instant notebook dock. Coming from a T series Lenovo, I miss the docking feature and not having to plug 3 things in everything I goto my desk (power, USB 3, and mini HDMI).
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