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My first solar powered laptop.


This is my first attempt at a solar powered laptop. I am using the R-21 solar panel from PowerFilm, two PS-612 lead acid batteries by Power Sonic and one laptop car charger. This was just tossed together for something to play with. I will try to post more vids when I have time and the sunshine to make them. Thus far, I would highly recommend the R-28 Panel or larger as it has more amps and would work better in less than ideal conditions, as I have found the R-21 to be just enough in bright sunlight.

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Solar Portable Hardcase Laptop Charger 2


These Solar Portable Hardcase Laptop Charger uses high efficient monocrystalline silicon solar cells with 10W power output and above 17% transfer rate. It can be applied to outdoor jobs or works, journeys, explorations and other emergencies or situations or place lacking in electricity resources. It’s a green and convenient mobile electric source. For more details please visit: or at: and look for product list, solar hardcase laptop charger. Or you can email me at: for quote.
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Travelers Solar Panel, A Solar Charger That Packs The Punch


This green gadget has some grunt. [ ]. There’s solar chargers that’ll get solar power to a cell phone. There’s solar chargers that will power a laptop and then this… a solar panel and big battery that is hardy and strong. Who would like this: Campers and outdoor fans who need a solar energy source for gadgets. Traveling business people and boat owners who need to keep their gadgets charged. What eBay keywords can I use: solar, solar system, solar power, solar energy, solar panels, solar powered, solar charger, solar battery, sun solar, solar electricity, solar collector, solar technology, renewable energy, green gadget, alternative energy, clean energy There are more and more solar charges on the market these days. But if you’re looking for a solar panel and solar battery combination that throws out enough energy to power up a gadget that’s just a bit larger (like a laptop) comfortably then you’re going to run into the goldilocks problem. They are either so big that you need a donkey to carry them round or only hold enough charge to power up a cell phone. Wholesale electronics supplier, Chinavasion has come up with a nice piece… a piece of solar technology that doesn’t hold a whole lot of solar electricity it’s also built to take the knocks. The portable solar battery – charger in a tough clamshell case is a sturdy unit comprised of two big solar panels on top of a large solar collector battery. The whole package is encased in tough industrial
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Voltaic Solar Battery Charger Backpack


If you’re on the go or have a kid who is, look at the Voltaic solar battery charger backpack. The solar panels on the Voltaic solar battery charger backpack connect to a battery to charge your iPod, cell phone or laptop. The Voltaic solar battery charger backpack comes with a phone adapter and a USB adapter so you can charge your batteries and gear.
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Powerful Solar Power Charger Enough To Get Laptop Going


Let the sun charge your cell phone. [ ] Why is it that cell phones can get emergency power supplies and have solar panels to get them going again, after all bigger gadgets, like laptops need emergency power booster power too. [ ] Who would like this: Travelers, business travelers and people interested in alternative energy sources to power their gadgets. What eBay keywords can I use: Solar, solar power, solar energy, solar panels, solar powered , solar charger, solar battery, solar electricity, solar collector, solar technology, renewable energy, alternative energy There has been a veritable sun burst of solar technology on the market as of late. Almost every electronics company in the solar system has come out with some kind of emergency power up/ solar charger of some sort. Unfortunatly most of the solar panels on the market are rather undercharged and will only handle a measly MP4 player or a easy-to-charge Cell phone. If your notebook went down on the road and you needed an emergency power up, then you were pretty much stuck. Well the wholesale China electronics manufacturers may have come up with something to solve that problem. The high capacity solar charger battery has the power to handle a power up for most laptops and larger devices. With a capacity of 74W/h you’re going to be able to get your notebook battery from zero charge to full in just a couple of hours giving you a bit more life when you’re on the road. This solar

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MacBook Solar Powered Laptop System


100% eco-friendly, zero-emissions computing! This is a tour of the solar power system I engineered for charging and powering my Apple MacBook laptop as well as other devices. (Nokia N800 internet tablet, cell phones, lights, etc) I have employed 12 solar panels wired in parallel developing around 39 watts in the sunshine. The panels are managed by a solar charge controller wired to a 655CCA 12V car battery. The battery charges all day, then is brought in at night to power & charge my devices. It is capable of charging a completely dead MacBook battery as well as operating the machine under heavy load. A 400 watt DC-AC inverter is used to provide 120VAC. (household current) The inverter is capable of delivering 800 watts for short periods.
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