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Corporate Video Production | Laptop Battery 1 | Web Spot


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Spot the Zaurus!


Spot the Zaurus!
Computer Battery

Image by Denni Schnapp
I’ll be writing at least half of my NaNovel on my Zaurus. we’re going away on November 16th on a 2-week holiday, coming back at midnight on the 30th. Yikes!

I still haven’t got the foggiest what the novel is about, except that it’s a sci-fi romance and the villain looks like Rhydian from X-factor.

(Here is a Zaurus in action at this year’s Worldcon , Nippon 2007. No it’s not mine. Mine had a flat battery. This little beauty was streaming manga to a mean sound track. *sigh*)

Paul Esparon – Blackghost
Computer Battery

Image by Engineering at Cambridge
The photo was taken at the 2008 Student Autonomous Underwater Challenge Europe (SAUC-E) competition. The Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV) is floating in the outside test tank awaiting initialisation. The 2008 competition was held in IFREMER, Brest, France. The Blackghost AUV is designed to undertake an underwater assault course autonomously with no outside control. The AUV took over a year to build, weighs about 7kg and is 1.1m long. A 1GHz computer, batteries, cameras and motors are crammed inside the 80mm diameter hull, which has been designed to be deployed through an ice bore hole for future scientific research missions. This photo is not enhanced. Acknowledgements: Sunil Shah (photographer), Dr Timothy Nickels and 2008 CAUV team.

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homemade battery tab spot welder hsurfah04


This is a bunch of photos and clips of us trying to put a battery tab spot welder together from junks. Please be careful working with the capacitor and transformer in the microwave.
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