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(HD) Galaxy Note Accessories – Batteries, Stand, Screen Protector, Micro SD… – Cursed4Eva


I just made a video of the accessories that I use for this phone and why I think they are good, I have also made a list of links to amazon where you could pu…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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2-Fan Laptop Notebook Cooling Stand (silver)


Link: A hot notebook/laptop can be a pretty irritating thing, and…

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Instructables DIY laptop stand


Instructables DIY laptop stand

Image by Guillermo Esteves
10′ of 3/4″ PVC tubing, 4 tee and 4 elbow 3/4″ fittings, a hacksaw, some elbow grease and 15 minutes later I got a cool DIY laptop stand, courtesy of Instructables, via Lifehacker.

Featured on Unplggd.

Laptop Stickers 04

Image by ghindo
I’m slowly but surely filling up the real estate on the back of my laptop.

Bell Harbor crazy Gnomedex 8.0 laptop panorama 2008

Image by Derek K. Miller
A quick and dirty panorama of the audience at Gnomedex with all their laptops before Kris Krug’s opening presentation, in the tradition of my popular 2006 and 2005 versions, and Northern Voice 2008.

Perhaps the world’s highest density of laptops outside a factory in northern China? Tons of Macs as usual.

Most effective at maximum size. (WARNING: big-ass 7.8 MB file!)

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