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Ham Radio QRP Picnic Table 003


Ham Radio QRP Picnic Table 003
Laptop Batteries

Image by Whiskeygonebad
LIQRP – Long Island QRP group meeting in a nice shady part of a park in Long Island. QRP technically means "reducing transmission power to a level low enough to maintain contact" It also became to mean the fanatical devotion of operating and perhaps building of radios the transmit 5 watts or less. This includes a pride in assembling very portable amateur radio stations.
A stand-alone digital communications setup made by NJQRP needing no typical PC or laptop setup. It is all in a little box connected to a keyboard. This operates on a mode called psk31 [phase shift keying at 31 baud] Type gets through the noise even when it can barely be heard by the ear on the radio!

Prada Phone
Laptop Batteries

Image by Andrew*
That is one sexy piece of mobile goodness, I had a play around with one at lunchtime today.

The only negative is the battery life, which is frankly pants!

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The MT55 Pro Multitouch Table


New multitouch table models at: The Ideum MT55 HD multitouch table is a fully integrated system with an LCD, multitouch overlay, 5mm ultra clear tempered glass, powerful computer, UPS battery backup, integrated cooling cell, and single button operation. The table even has an integrated Bose Audio system. Just plug it in, and turn it on. http The MT55 HD table chassis and frame are built from aluminum and cold-rolled steel. The interactive surface is less than 3? inches thick! The entire unit stands 31? tall, matching ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) requirements. The integrated HP computer system is packed with power. The CPU is an IntelĀ® Quad Core i7 with 4GB of RAM, dual 250GB SATA Hard Drives and NVIDIA Quadro 600 PCI video card. The system is multitouch-enabled from start up and runs Windows 7 Professional 64-bit. The computer system is backed with a three-year HP warranty. This video features music by Moby, the track Lacrimae will be released on his upcoming album, Destroyed, to be released on May 17th. The music was used with the artists’ permission. Learn more at:

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