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The A Team by Ed Sheeran – Piano Cover – 1st Take


There are mistakes here and there.. sorry.. Lol when the song was almost done, my laptop battery was at 9% and my computer went into hibernate.. when I got it back on, it had recorded 7 minutes. When it went into hibernate mode, I stopped playing for a split second and took my earphones off [that was the "bang" noise at one point] but here you go xD

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you can take it with you


you can take it with you
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this here’s a response to static_eddie’s question about what you usually have with you. the pen goes in my back right pocket, lighter in left front, knife in right front with the nailclippers/pokeything/beeropener ring. wallet in back left pocket, cell in front right or if i have a shirt pocket, right shirt pocket. sunnies go on my head or in a backpack, the cards & journal go in my backpack, the keys get clipped to me or my backpack. sometimes the tiny scissors are on me. the rest of the stuff goes in the little leather pouch, which is then tossed in whatever backpack/totebag/camera bag i’m using.

my life’s logos v.2
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More logos, this time approximately 275 give or take 10. I also put a Waldo from Where’s Waldo? in this collage. I also accidentally put 2 Mack truck logos, find em both. lol Try finding him ;) Rated PG-13 lol Feel free to add sarcastic notes to logos you know lol.

334/365 My Bag, Baby
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How to take apart a HP G60 laptop


If your laptop is overheating this may need to be done. Dust will build up on the inside of the heat sync about the size of a AA battery. Originally this was a 16 minute video. I didn’t have this wh

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What do I take to a geek event?


What do I take to a geek event?
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What to take?
On Saturday the 14th of March we (40 geek girls) will go on a one-day trip to London. In London we will meet 40 French and 40 British Girl Geeks. There will be shopping, presentations and networking. We will be liveblogging, twittering on this platform:

More info here.

Thanks to the sponsers: Eurostar and Mobile Vikings.

What is in my bag.
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Acer Aspire Take Apart/Disassembly


In this video I replace the broken power port in a Acer Aspire-3680-2682 (DC Socket USB Board Replace) Table of Contents Removal of: Battery 0:10 RAM Memory 0:26 Hard Drive HDD 1:10 Wireless LAN WLAN 1:18 Power Button Assembly 2:25 Keyboard 2:36 Display Assembly 3:05 CDRom Drive 3:34 Laptop Case 4:15 Motherboard 4:38 DC Jack/USB board 5:05 If you are having issues with your laptop, I can help! We have been doing Free Estimates since 2000. Let me know in the comments below or check out
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How to take advantage of your laptop battery?


How to take advantage of your laptop battery?

A majority of laptop users are hardly acquainted with how to protect and take advantage of batteries. Each time they complain about the short life of battery, seldom self-criticizing in light of usage of battery. Though, the quality of battery existing, factitious misunderstanding and misusage rest one of the components.

1.The first time we receive a laptop battery, we are supposed to charge it for 12 hours.

Not necessarily at all. Nowadays laptops are set up with perfect electrics circuit and charging management systems. Once the battery is charged in saturation, the control circuit will automatically shift to turnoff. As a result, no more charging will happen.

To avoid memory effect, should we discharge the battery before charging it?

It is not necessarily to use up the battery before charging, which proves to be deleterious to the battery in that deep discharging will shorten the life of battery. It is suggested that when the resting electricity reaches 10%, the battery should be charged. On the other hand, up to 30% capacity does not require charging in view of memory effect.

When plugging in the alternating current, do we need to take the battery out to prevent repeating charging?

What we suggest you is “No”. You might take the automatic discharging of Li-ion battery for example, that once plugged into the power, repeating charging and discharging will shorten the life of batteries. What I want to emphasize it that:

1.Most electrics recruits are designed in light that only when the battery electricity reaches 90% or even 95%, it will get charged. With the same capacity, it will take two weeks to one month to discharge. As a result, when in store for less than one month, the battery should be fully charged and discharged to maintain the capacity. What you are concerned should be the exercising rather than the recharging of the battery.

2. Even the battery is unfortunately charged, the loss it brings will not exceed that after long-term storage.

3. You data is much more important than you battery even your laptop, so think about the impact of sudden interception of electricity on your laptop and data.


How to prolong the working time of laptop batteries?

Obviously, to keep a battery in long period, you should place it in low and dry environment and set the rest electricity of battery in the condition of 40%. The battery should be taken out for at least two months to ensure the good condition of the battery and prevent the damage on battery from huge loss of electricity.

How to prolong the usage of laptop batteries as long as possible?

1.Dim the laptop screen.  LCD screen consumes electricity a lot. If possible, lightening the screen darkness can prolong the working time of the battery.

2.Turn on Speed Step and Power Play and other functions. Laptop processors and video chip can decrease working frequency and voltage to prolong the working time.

3.Use the hard disk and relevant software to reduce the speed. For example, NERO DriveSpeed , PowerBooster and other software can reduce the speed of CD-ROM and hard disk as well as deplete the consumption of laptops.

4. Take advantage of standby of machines, dormancy and other functions. When you are to leave the laptop for long time or dormant, you can let it standby or go to sleep to save the electricity and prolong the longevity of your laptop.

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How to Take Care of a Laptop Battery


How to Take Care of a Laptop Battery

As soon as a dell laptop battery is built, the clock begins ticking on its lifespan. At most, a laptop battery can last around five years. However, if the battery is not cared for properly, you may find yourself needing to replace it after just one or two years. Purchasing a new laptop battery is an expensive investment; exercise proper care to maximize its lifespan.

Avoid using your laptop on plush surfaces or carpets, which prevent air from entering and leaving the unit freely. All of the laptop’s components must remain cool for the longest possible lifespan, and this includes the hp pavilion battery.

Avoid using the laptop on battery power until the laptop is completely dead. When lithium-ion batteries are allowed to discharge completely, their maximum capacity can be permanently reduced.

Remove the battery from the laptop if the laptop is connected to a reliable power source and will remain so for an extended period. When a laptop is running on AC power, the battery is regularly “topped off” by the charger. This keeps the battery within higher temperature ranges than it should be stored at, and the repeated “top-off” charges cause wear.

Store the laptop in a comfortable room-temperature environment when it is not being used. High temperatures will cause the maximum capacity of the battery to be decreased, even when the acer laptop battery is not in use.

Avoid placing the battery into long-term storage with a completely full or empty charge. If the battery will not be used for a prolonged period, place it into a zip-top plastic bag and store it in the refrigerator charged to about 40 percent of its maximum capacity.

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Parts was from a laptop cd drive and from cpu cooling fans. First I tested with brass bearings and did not work then i scrap some cooling fans for ball bearings and pressed them on to the shaft then it started to work the solenoid was also from the cd drive and motor. The battery was from thoes Massivly Mini Media Player Li-ion 3.7V (shit thing had 128mb LOL). I had 2 junk mini cd’s I keped for projects and glued them together now it works great. :P
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Part 3 of 4 How to take off your Compaq presario CQ 60 monitor, and remove the keyboard.

25 Ok here is a video of me showing you how to take off the monitor and keyboard of your Compaq presario CQ 60. Remember to take out all of the screws from the back of your laptop, even the ones in the battery area. Note: I shot this video in Macro mode, so sorry if it’s a bit blurry, however I do hold the laptop up to the screen for you to see it, so you should be able to see everything clearly. Make sure to Ground your self or wear a static wrist strap.

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Do You Know How to Take Care Your Laptop Battery


Do You Know How to Take Care Your Laptop Battery

When you buy a new laptop, you probably don’t think too much about its power supply system, but the care and feeding of batteries is perhaps the biggest single factor in your laptop’s ease of use. If you’re keeping your present outfit, then you’ve already got whatever power supply came with it. This quick review of batteries can help you choose your next laptop, while reducing battery hassles with your current one (no pun intended). And multiple batteries are highly recommended for any outfit. We’ll look at types of batteries, methods of keeping them charged and strategies for using them.

Battery Types

In the dim and distant past (a couple years ago), laptop batteries came in five different species. Now, lead acid bricks and drugstore batteries cell are about gone and even lithium ion (Li-Ion)  batteries are obsolescent (but see the nearby sidebar). Today, we’re down to mostly nickel metal lithium ion (Li-Ion) models.

Both types have a good weight to power ratio: that is, they can store and deliver more (longer) power than older types of the same size. They also keep a steady voltage level through more of their discharge cycle. Older battery types could drop below the voltage required by the camcorder even though there was plenty of juice left in them.

Both types are long lasting, though Li-Ion designs are the true long-distance champs. A word


Obviously, batteries discharge during use and you have to tank them up again. Some camcorders still charge batteries internally, but many models come with an external charger. If you’re shopping for that new camcorder, check its charging system carefully, since an external charger will allow you to keep shooting with one camcorder battery while the other is charging.

First, ensure that you can charge laptop batteries via 11.1-volt car cigarette plugs as well as 120-volt wall power. Holidays, picnics, weddings just about every kind of event involves driving someplace, sooner or later. Many campers and RVers live on 14-volt DC exclusively. Drive time is an ideal time to charge laptop batteries, especially if your system includes quick charge capability.

“Quick charge” typically means that the charger works very rapidly, often replenishing a laptop battery in one hour or less. But on some appliances, it’s just a selectable mode that provides a quick-and-dirty juice-up, rather than a fully programmed recharge.

You see, batteries are filled like gas tanks: quickly at first, more cautiously when the tank is nearly full, and in short trickles when you top off the fill (even though the sign on the pump says not to). A properly programmed charging system does the same thing and delivers power longer during the battery’s next use. It also prolongs its working life overall.

After 12-volt operation and programmed recharging, the next feature to look for is multiple battery capacity. A few chargers will juice up two bricks at once, which is a great time saver for power users (pun intended).

Whether buying a new system or using your old one, you need to know when to charge your batteries. Different people have different theories about this, but the following procedure is safe and effective:

Recharge a spent battery as soon as possible after use. While this isn’t critical, shallower charges of Li-Ion batteries put less stress on the battery than a deep full charge. Besides, you never know when you might meet Elvis. Do not leave the battery in the charger after the indicator says it’s fully replenished. (Don’t leave the battery in the laptop either.) Store the battery at room temperature. Stashing it in the fridge to slow battery drain is pointless if you… Top up the battery again, just before your next shooting session, to compensate for power slowly lost while the battery was on the shelf. Unless you’re using old NiCds (see sidebar) it’s not necessary to “condition” a battery by discharging it down to one volt before recharging it. A periodic full discharge is not required for lithium-based batteries and, in fact, a partial re-charge produces less wear than a full charge.

Finally, don’t expect even the most tenderly nurtured batteries to last forever. Each time a battery is recharged, it accepts a minutely smaller amount of power than the previous time, until eventually the poor baby is pooping out after ten minutes of shooting. If you’re a weekend warrior taping birthdays and vacations, expect your batteries to last for years. If you shoot weddings professionally, budget for frequent replacements. One manufacturer suggests that its batteries will last for 400-800 charges, although we find that range to be a little too broad to be useful.

Perhaps I’m paranoid, but manufacturers do change battery designs from one laptop to the next, and they do eventually stop supporting their oldest models. For that reason, I bought more batteries than I ever use at one time, so that each requires fewer recharges per year and therefore lasts longer.

Power as you Shoot

How many batteries do you really have to have? That depends on many factors. The older the bricks, the faster they quit. The more you shoot per hour, the more you need.

The trick is to compare your charger speed to your shooting demands. For instance, I typically blow through a battery twice as fast as my charger can resuscitate it. For this reason, I run three batteries, starting every session with all three charged. When the first is empty, I stick it in the charger and by the time the next two are shot, the first is ready again. That way, I have the equivalent of four batteries per session. In my case, that gives me an honest 2.5 hours of shooting time, which is more than enough.

Your needs will certainly be different, but you should have at least one spare battery for backup. Remember that battery capacity ratings are about as realistic as EPA gas mileage figures. If the manufacturer promises 60 minutes, plan on 40 to start, slowly tapering down to 15 minutes before you replace that battery.

If you do shoot a lot, consider an external battery pack: either a block that you clip on your belt or sling from your shoulder, or even a belt. You can find models for many camcorders (especially professional three-chip models) and many allow you to power an external light as well. Even if you use the built-in camera light, you’ll have ample power to blaze away without compromising your shooting time.

No matter how many units you run, you want to make each one last as long as possible; so here are some tips for conserving battery power. First, never use a built-in laptop light unless you absolutely have to. Lights love juice like mosquitoes love blood.

Next, don’t leave your laptop on standby for any length of time, especially if you’re using auto exposure and focus. Remember: your unit goes right on adjusting the aperture and focus whether you’re shooting or not and each adjustment is made by an electric motor powered by your battery. Even when actually recording, you’ll conserve juice if you can shift one or both controls to manual. This can apply to image stabilization as well, so plop that laptop on a tripod and turn off the stabilization.

Another big power drain is the zoom lens, which is always motor-driven. Try to avoid lots of zooms in shots (they look amateurish anyway) and when you re-frame by zooming, pre-visualize your new composition so that you can zoom right to it, rather than hunting around for it.

Also, remember that batteries give up quicker in cold weather. When shooting on the slopes, keep spare batteries as close to your warm self as your pockets permit. If you won’t be shooting for a few minutes, remove the battery already in the camcorder and get it toasty as well. When you replace it, you’ll get quite a few more minutes out of it.

So: look for lithium ion designs when shopping for new gear, keep your batteries topped up properly, carry enough to keep shooting and don’t expect them to last forever. And that’s about it.

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Laptop Battery – This is How You Take Care of Yours


Laptop Battery – This is How You Take Care of Yours

When you get a new laptop everything is working perfectly given that you’ve got the good fortune and it’s not dead on arrival. Then things start to wear and tear, here’s a crack, there is a dent but the battery often dies rather fast, and that’s not a natural consequence of age. Lithium-Ion batteries die on their own, but not in the one year time frame some people manage to kill theirs.

Dell Latitude D510 laptop battery

If you want to have a notebook with a proper battery you need to buy a brand new one, people usually say something like this when they give tips to their friends. I’m not telling you here to buy an used or second hand notebook, rather trying to give a few tips on how to keep the battery in its original shape even 2 years after you’ve bought it.

Fujitsu LifeBook S7110 laptop battery

Drop heat like it’s… hot. If you’ve got a chance, avoid using your notebook in a hot room or outdoors in direct sunlight. Deterioration in stored batteries is a function of age, charge level and temperature. There are two ways to keep your Li-Ion power source in good condition even if you can’t avoid all heat sources. Internal components like the processor, GPU, even the battery itself emits heat that the notebook tries to get rid of through lids and holes.

IBM ThinkPad T60P Series laptop battery

Always put your computer on a flat, firm and hard surface to ensure nothing hides the lids. Using it in your lap does just the exact opposite, don’t do that unless you know what you’re doing. On the table you can put something under the back bottom edge of the notebook, that way you’re lifting off its base from the surface allowing better airflow.

In my own non-representative experiment I used a notebook that always shut down because it overheated. Using some better thermal adhesive between the heatsink and the core I managed to get rid of the problem but that’s not the point; under full stress during a Prime 95 Small FFT test I noticed that laying flat the processor went all the way up to 82.4 C, while just with a CD case put under the back edge I managed to shave it down to 78.5 C. Four degrees Celsius with not even half an inch lift. Lithium iun loses about 10 % capacity in a year stored in 25 degrees, while in 40 degrees, which is normal during operation, it loses up to 25-30%.

It makes perfect sense to get a notebook cooler but you don’t really have to buy one, common sense and paying some attention makes a big difference when handling a portable computer. Another thing you might consider to prolong the life expectancy of the unit is to store it half charged whenever you’re not using it.

Lithium-Ion cells hate three things above anything else that you can and should do anything about; heat, being completely discharged and being overcharged. Avoid them and you’ll have an internal power source in your computer that has about 80% of its original performance rather than 40 minutes tops.

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