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What it takes to own a 2 year old HP DV5 notebook


This is what it takes to own a 2 year old HP DV5Z-1200 CTO notebook computer. My laptop has developed a blinking LED defect and won’t boot unless I open it up and “reflow” the ATI Radeon graphics chip using a heat gun. I used to have to do this every 3 weeks on average until I applied an additional trick and made it a more permanent fix. The “permanent” repair is described on the HP forums here: The trick to making this fix last longer is to get a small amount of flux under the Radeon chip prior to reflowing. I for one dissolved a bit of rosin in isopropy alcohol, and poured a few drops of it around the edges. Clear, no-residue flux should also work. For those interested here are the HP notebook blink codes on their support website: . Those considering buying an HP notebook, think twice, or, who knows, Think Pad. The music, which I have shamelessly borrowed, is arranged and performed by Modesto de Renzio aka Blndgtarst ( ). [edited 11/24/11: I have no way to tell whether the "permanent fix" is really permanent since about 6 months after what you see above I managed to screw things up by attempting to reapply the fix when not really needed]
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laptop battery takes an important part in people’s life


laptop battery takes an important part in people’s life

As many people use laptop instead of desktop computer, laptop battery takes an important part in people’s life. As we know, many people work or play on the laptop everywhere even when they have a vacation on the beach. To some people, they are so busy that they still need to pay attention to their work when they go out for a vacation, because there are some things need to be done by themselves. To some other people, they just take the laptop with then for fun when they are dull in the room when they are on trip.BOSCH Power Tool Battery Dewalt Power Tool Battery

To use the laptop everywhere well, you need to pay attention to the laptop battery when you buy the laptop battery.

Now, you can find much information on the website. Many people know that they can find the suitable laptop battery if they search the battery with the part number or the laptop model. After they find it, they buy it at once. But when they get it, they find that the laptop battery doesn’t work well with their laptop, which makes them feel so upset.

To avoid the above situation, we advise that paying much attention to the cells of the laptop battery when you buy a laptop battery, because if the cells are different from your original old one, it can’t work well with your laptop. There are many kinds of laptop batteries,6 cells and 9 cells or some other ones.

So when you find the laptop battery on the website, please check all the details of that. Only when all the information matches your laptop well, can you buy the item. At last you will get a working laptop battery for your laptop.

Hope the above advice is useful for you.

When you are watching NBA basketball play or watching some other video on the laptop, the laptop screen darken suddenly, which surprises you so much. You may wonder why the laptop screen darkens suddenly.LTN141W1-L05 lcd LP154W01 lcd LQ133K1LA4A lcd

Generally, there are three main reasons for the above situation.

The first kind is that there is some problem with the lamp. The aging or short-circuit of lamp will make screen dark. If there is some problem with your laptop screen lamp, just take your laptop to a professional company for checking and repairing. But this situation happens seldom. aging and short circuit is rarely tubes of The aging of laptop lamp is because being used for a long time or there is some collision when it is used (The normal lamp life can reach 3 ~ 5 years).

The second is there is no high enough voltage of the motherboard. There is some problem with the motherboard. Most of these kind problems can be solved without changing the motherboard.LP154WX4 lcd LP141WX1 lcd

The third is high-voltage plate has some problem. It is normal when the high-voltage plate is aging or burnt or the power cables loosen, because high-voltage plate works under high temperature and the chip is easily aging or burnt out.

Generally, there are the above cases if the laptop LCD screen HP Pavilion DV6000 LCD Screendarkens suddenly. Of course, there may be some other cases. If anybody finds any other reasons, please share it with us.

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